PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD/WYZZ) — A staple of the Peoria community since 2014, Los Cabos Cantina and Grill cultivates a family environment, according to owner Laura Tafoya.

“98 percent of my staff is Hispanic, we just embrace the culture and I love that we’re all a family,” she said.

That familial bond also extends to the patrons. Servers and regular customers share laughs and even attend each other’s birthday parties.

“Having customers come in and knowing their kids and seeing those kids grow up and enjoy the authentic food we have here, I think that’s what makes us the best in town,” said Edgar Rodriguez, assistant manager for the restaurant.

Family is a large part of Hispanic culture, and for Tafoya, it’s how the restaurant shows Hispanic Heritage.

“Family is everything and so we treat people like family,” she said.

She also said that as she reflects on the past nine years of ownership, she is really proud of what the restaurant has turned into.

Tafoya said her favorite dishes on the menu are their specialties, or “los especiales”. The pineapple platter and the molcajete are her personal favorites.