New car wash, tax abatement among items postponed at Peoria City Council Meeting

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Tuesday was a night for deferrals at the Peoria City Council meeting with many hot topics being postponed until its February meetings.

In an expected move, the city decided to postpone taking action, for 30 days, on a proposal for a new car wash to take over the GlenHaven strip mall on the corner of Glen Avenue and University Street.

Councilmember Tim Riggenbach said the deferral would give time to the car wash’s developers to address public comments and concerns on the matter. He said after speaking with them, a meeting will be planned within those 30 days.

“I had spoken with the petitioner today and they’ve agreed to have a public meeting, still to be figured out how that will work in this COVID,” Riggenbach said.

Councilwoman Beth Jensen and said she would like notices to be sent to all in that area so they could adjust their schedules and attend the meeting. The deferral passed in an 8-2 vote and will be revised at the council’s meeting on Feb. 23.

The council also voted to delay removing certain properties from the East Village Growth Cell Tax Increment Redevelopment Project Area in order to allow a tax abatement to be implemented.

Councilmember John Kelly said the areas in North Valley up to Averyville could use benefits of tax abatement, which apply to new construction. He said, for years, the target area has rejected TIF benefits, which allow funds for rehab of existing properties.

“These are residential areas in the North Valley that are apart of the East Village TIF,” Kelly said. “They have not contributed any increment to the TIF nor have they used any money from the TIF.”

Councilwoman Denise Moore proposed the deferral saying those directly affected should be made aware that they will be taken out of TIF and lose its benefits immediately.

“My concern is that we’ve not told these folks that this is going to happen,” Moore said. “They don’t even realize that they’re going to lose not only the benefit of a TIF but additional funding that is available now through the community development.”

After a 7-3 vote, with Councilmember Grayeb abstaining, the matter will be brought up again at the council’s meeting in February once those in the area are personally notified.

In other news, the council unanimously voted to postpone establishing a Combined Sewer Overflow Remediation District along with setting a sewer fee rate until the next meeting.

The council did vote, 10-1, to approve a special use for an Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensary on 5001 N. University to open within 90 days of Tuesday night’s vote.

Councilwoman Jensen expressed concern about the dispensary being too close to another but the city attorney said the city doesn’t currently have a limit on how many can be in the same area.

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