New company aims to take a chore off the to-do list, keep garbage cans clean

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A new central Illinois business wants to take a dirty job off the household chore list.

Bin Refresh is a subscription service for cleaning and sanitizing garbage cans.

“It’s pretty cool seeing the difference between something that’s really nasty and smelly to something that’s fresh and clean,” said employee Alex Gray.

Owner Jeff Admire said it’s addressing a common problem with garbage cans.

“In the summer, I’ll miss garbage day, I’ll come back, and I store my garbage cans in my garage and if I miss it even once when it’s hot out, it’ll smell nasty, it’ll get maggots,” said Admire.

He said it’s the only service of it’s kind in the area and lessens the household workload.

“We’ll powerwash the outside, the inside, we’ll sanitize it,” said Gray.

Admire said it’s making peoples lives easier.

“On your normal garabage day, we’ll just do it when your cans are already out, so it’s not extra work for the customers,” said Admire.

He said they use a special system to clean garbage cans to remove trash and smells.

“It’s 200 degree water so it’s hot water that we actually pressure wash these cans with,” said Admire.

Admire said it’s a chore anyone can do, but not all want to.

“It sounds silly, it sounds kind of frivilous right, but if you’re storing these things inside, they can get pretty nasty,” said Admire.

He said the subscription service offers options to meet all types for customer needs.

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