EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – A small crowd cuts a call to action short Wednesday evening.

Jacob Partee, the Chief Executive Officer of Central Illinois Pride said about ten people came out to the organization’s Vigil Against Violence.

Partee said the purpose of the vigil was to remember those who have died in the community due violence as well as call on community leaders to implement necessary change. He said the vigil was also an opportunity for people to share ideas about how to tackle the community’s violence issues.

He said the vigil was originally scheduled to take place along Peoria’s Riverfront but was changed due to threats of violence.

He said those who came out gathered for a prayer service, read off names of those who died due to violence, and headed out about 30 minutes earlier than scheduled.

Partee said community violence is impacting everyone in one way or another.

“We’ve had a lot of people say they’re afraid to leave their homes in the evening because of the gun violence and we have to make that change,” Partee said. “We want local lawmakers to fight for change. Violence is never ok, violence does not solve the problem, violence never solves any situation.”

Partee said Central Illinois Pride plans to meet with Peoria Mayor Dr. Rita Ali and Police Chief Eric Echevarria next month to discuss violence in the city.