PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — City and state leaders announced millions in state funds to help brighten up the city of Peoria.

State Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth, along with Mayor Dr. Rita Ali revealed nearly $3.4 million is in store for a street lighting project in all five of the city’s districts.

The two, along with a few city council members and city leaders, gathered for the announcement at one of the locations for the project West Main Street and North Ellis.

“It really contributes to public safety, it’s a part of our infrastructure,” Ali said. “If you look around at some of the lights right where we are right now [West Main & North Ellis], you’ll see that some of them are in very poor condition.”

Gordon-Booth secured $2.5 million in state funding for the smart LED lighting and pole replacements throughout certain points of the city.

“Specific to the issues of public safety, having greater street lighting gives greater opportunity for visibility,” Gordon-Booth said. “We know that folks that want to do harm in communities typically don’t like to do it in a well-lit area.”

“We also know that beautifying a community with ornamental and importantly smart street lighting we know that this adds to the overall morale of the residents in that area,” Gordon-Booth said.

She said the money can start flowing in immediately, and she said she wants residents to know this is an investment she plans to secure every year.

“We want the resident of this city to feel comfortable and confident to know that they’re safety is secure,” Gordon-Booth said.

“It also adds to neighborhood beautification,” Ali said.

In addition to the $2.5 million, Ali said the city is also contributing an additional $800,000 of American Rescue Plans funds and $90,000 in local Motor Fuel tax funds, which totals $3,390,000 for the project.

She said this helps put Peoria on the path to become a smart city.

“Lighting capable of holding technology that is important, to reducing costs, to collecting data and information that can be useful in a number of different ways,” Ali said.

Areas that will benefit include:

District 1: SW Adams Concrete Poles ($670,000). The SW Adams pole replacement is around Gardens and Adams.

MacArthur Pedestrian Lighting ($380,000). The MacArthur pedestrian lighting will provide additional lighting near Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

District 2: Orchard District – Flora, Ellis, Elizabeth streets, adding additional porch and alley lighting ($470,000). Replacement of concrete poles in the Sheridan Triangle (McClure to Loucks) and replacement of metal poles at Washington and Hamilton.

District 3: Glen Avenue from Sheridan to Knoxville ($560,000).

Prospect Avenue from London to Forrest Hill, improving lighting in the Prospect Road Business District ($310,000).

District 4: Frostwood near Mark Bills School from Andover to Creighton Terrace ($500,000).

District 5: Willow Knolls from University to Allen ($500,000).