Police training provides practice for real-life scenarios

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria’s Special Response Team prepared for endless scenarios- search warrants, apprehensions and hostage rescues- on Wednesday.

The team practiced simulated training at the former Allied Agencies building on Armstrong Avenue. Team leaders say training is important, so when a high-risk situation happens, they’ll be ready.

“Training is an integral part of our process. We try to get as much training as we can. These officers are some of the highest trained officers we have in the department,” said Captain Brad Dixon of the Peoria Police Department.

One of the tactics practiced was a high-risk search warrant. Captain Dixon said it’s as realistic as possible.

“We try to really focus on the basics and at the end of the day, we want it to be as safe as it can for everybody involved,” said Captain Dixon.

Safety is a top priority. A medical team is also on scene to prepare for different scenarios.

“We have a similar mission to the actual tactical team which is basically help to resolve the communities crisis with as few injuries and deaths as possible,” said Dr. John Wipfler, an emergency physician for OSF St. Francis and a professor at University of Illinois College of Medicine.

The medics stay close by, with a 30 second response time. One technique they practice is to use tourniquets to stop any bleeding.

“If we need to provide medical support for any hostages or anybody injured at the scene, we’re there with advanced medical gear,” said Dr. Wipfler.

Leaders said having a place to do this kind of training makes a big difference.

“Training is absolutely essential. We wouldn’t be able to have a team if we weren’t able to train,” said Captain Dixon.

Captain Dixon says during training, officers wore masks because of the pandemic, but in a real-life situation, they would not.

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