PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A Peoria Public School Board candidate seeking District 1’s seat will officially appear on the April election ballot after a previous disqualification.

A Peoria County judge issued a ruling on Thursday to reverse last month’s decision by the Peoria County Electoral Board to remove Keisha Alexander from the ballot.

The original decision against Alexander was determined after her opponent Martha Ross, PPS School Board President, filed a challenge which claimed Alexander didn’t have the required 200 signatures needed to appear on the ballot.

Alexander said the electoral board rejected 53 of her signatures due to clerical errors by the notary.

During the appeal, a judge ended up dismissing Ross’ objection and ruled Alexander’s name will be reinstated and certified on the ballot for the April 4 election.

Alexander said ‘justice was served’ and she’s ecstatic and ready to move forward.

“I’m grateful to God and to the judge for his decision-making,” Alexander said. “I’d like to see if we can make some changes if we can, not that they’re broken but, upgrade Peoria schools so that all of the schools are a good place to go and people don’t have to pick and choose where they live in the city to get a good education. It’ll be nice to get that all over the city.”

The Peoria County Election Commission said this decision doesn’t change anything on their end.