PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — A rally for Palestine drew more than 100 people to Bradley University’s campus Sunday afternoon.

The rally was held at the intersection of Main and University Streets in Peoria. Many came holding signs demanding freedom for Gaza.

Adam Kattom is a student at Dunlap High School and said he doesn’t care what side people are on, he wants to see the killing of innocents come to an end.

“Our main goal is to show we don’t want deaths anymore,” said Kattom. “Innocent people shouldn’t be killed, not only innocent people, military men, other people, nobody should be killed. War, genocide, all of this is unacceptable. We should all try our best ending this conflict, ending this war, ending this genocide, so nobody on both sides can die anymore.”

After the rally, the protestors marched down Main Street spreading their message.