Shoppers in the East Peoria area use Christmas Eve to get last-minute gifts

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EAST PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — This Christmas Eve, many shoppers in the East Peoria area were out looking for those last-minute gifts and deals.

“The last few weeks have been very tough to go shopping, of course, you have to work,” said shopper, Tanya Craig.

A few shoppers in East Peoria’s Levee District said Friday was the only day they’ve had a chance to dedicate to getting Christmas presents. But with nice weather in the area, some said it wasn’t such a bad thing.

“I recently moved back from Houston, so having this warm weather, is wonderful,” said shopper, Joel Zavala.

“No one wants to stay inside and cook and clean on a day like today this, so I decided to come out and do some shopping,” said Craig.

Bob Woolsey, with Jones Bros. Jewelers, said he understands why some wait until today to get their presents.

“There’s a lot of people that work, and take Christmas Eve off to get their shopping done, we call them last-minute men,” said Woolsey.

He added, their team works hard to get people what they need before Christmas Day.

“Christmas Eve is the last day that UPS, FedEx, the postal service can deliver special orders custom pieces, our shop is always setting diamonds so, it’s truly like Santa’s helpers getting stuff ready to go under the tree,” said Woolsey.

And Craig said she’s tried to keep a good attitude with those having to work retail this Christmas Eve.

“As a customer I have to be making sure that I’m positive too, these people are working Christmas Eve, and I’m out shopping,” said Craig.

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