WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Two doctors at the University of Michigan were honored in their hometown of Washington Saturday.

Dr. Christian Vercler and Dr. Marcus Jarboe were both the Washington Historical Society Root Recipients this year.

Vercler is an Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery and the University of Michigan and Jarboe is an Associate Professor of Radiology and Surgery.

Leaders with the city’s History Society said both were nominated because of their tremendous medical accomplishments. One example brought the two considerable media coverage back in 2020 when they worked together to separate conjoined twins.

During the ceremony both discussed how proud they were to receive the honor as well as what got them involved in the medical field in the first place.

“I think it was the inspiration of my grandmother who was in medical school in Europe during World War II, and was forced out of medical school,” Vercler said. “She’s one of the first women in medicine in her area.”

“Nobody in my family, a big family, had ever gone into medicine. and but when my brother had a stroke, I saw what doctors could do for you, and for the family and how they can impact people’s lives,” Jarboe said.

Those with the Historical Society said this was the first time they’ve ever had two Root recipients.