CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Monday marks the start of winter weather preparedness week.

Winter Weather Preparedness Week is a time to get a game plan for combatting the elements of the cold season.

Village of Dunlap Superintendent, Dale Bishop, said he purchased new equipment, ready to keep the roads safe.

“It’s really exciting, it will be a good year for us to try it. The wheel loader, it’s huge for us. We think that it’s gonna be probably our main vehicle for if you get bad storms,” said Bishop.

Bishop said this machine will have the upper hand in any situation.

“Cul-de-sacs is our big thing. These plows allow us to go in and clean cul-de-sacs a lot quicker, and just trying to be more efficient for the village here,” said Bishop.

Peoria Public Works Superintendent, Sie Maroon, said his team went from plowing 21 to 17 snow routes. This will change the amount of time spent on those routes.

“It’s gonna take us a little longer to get into those residential areas until we get the primary streets, the arterials cleaned up before we get into the residentials. It will just take us a little longer to get into those areas, all we are asking for it people to be patient,” said Maroon.

You should also be prepared at home.

Warning Coordination Meteorologist at the NWS, Chris Miller said people should find safe ways to heat their homes during a winter power outage and avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

“If you’ve got that portable generator, you’ve got to keep it outside, so it can vent properly because we have had people become very sick. We’ve even had fatalities right here in Central Illinois,” said Miller.

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