A bill to define who can use public bathrooms in school facilities is sent to a subcommittee. The Illinois House Human Services Committee acted on it Tuesday morning.

House Bill 4474 describes sex as an individual’s anatomy at birth. The ACLU of Illinois says the bill will deny students who are transgender access to gender-appropriate restrooms, and they are hoping that the bill will not move further during this session.

Here is the full statement from John Knight of the ACLU of Illinois on HB 4477

We are hopeful that this will mark a quiet end to this discriminatory legislation. As a result of public discussion of this misguided proposal, many schools across the state — schools that already adopted and implemented welcoming and affirming policies for their students who are transgender — have feared about the future of their students. This is unfortunate.  Schools are making these policies work in all parts of the state, making life easier and reducing the opportunities for harassment and discrimination for students who are transgender.   We need to expand such policies, not adopt a statewide, discriminatory bill.”