Trial scheduled for Peoria City Councilman Zach Oyler


PEORIA, Ill. — Peoria City Councilman Zach Oyler is scheduled to go to trial on March 16th.

Oyler has pleaded not guilty to charges of domestic battery and interfering with the reporting of domestic abuse.

The wife of Councilman Oyler, Heather, claimed her husband was drunk when the two had an argument that lead to Oyler’s arrest.

According to police reports, WMBD requested via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Heather told a Peoria Police Department officer “stuff had gone on for a long time and he came home drunk. Zachary had been drinking all day and [Heather] denied any drinking on this date.”

An officer spoke with Oyler and reported smelling the strong odor of alcohol. The councilman told the officer he met a friend earlier in the evening and had “a little” to drink.

Police reports state an officer on the scene used his flashlight to look at Heather’s neck and chest, he then saw several areas that were red, the marks looked fresh and appeared to have come from the fight.

Oyler was arrested July 30.

Oyler told police he and his wife had an argument that night and his wife got angry. Heather told officers Zach arrived home and got mad at her. She said she asked Zach to go get dinner, and he said he wasn’t hungry, therefore she didn’t need to eat either.

Heather filed an order of protection against him on July 31.

Heather later told WMBD she would like prosecutors to drop the charges against her husband saying this was all a series of misunderstandings.

The councilman won an at-large seat on the Peoria City Council in April. He was first elected to office in 2017.

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