‘We do see cars that keep being parked on the snow routes,’ Peoria City takes parking violations seriously


PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — With snow continuing to fall in the City of Peoria, parking enforcement is taking ticketing cars parked on emergency show routes seriously.

Michael Scott, the city’s parking enforcement supervisor of operations, said his department has issued 145 tickets in two days.

After two days of heavy snowfall, snowplow drivers are working 12-hour shifts to clear the streets. Snow route signs are seen on main snow routes to keep neighbors from parking when the city gets more than two inches of snow.

“This here is an issue that we have that causes a problem, so the snow fighters cannot get to the areas to do the curb-to-curb plowing that’s needed to be done,” he said.

Scott said it is not the intention of his staff to put a financial strain on people, but with significant snowfall, parked cars slow the plows down.

“We do see cars that keep being parked on the snow routes. What happens is that really impedes the snow fighters from doing their jobs to keep these streets cleared,” he said.

Scott said its a snowball effect that will delay plow drivers from getting to residential streets.

The City of Peoria did not issue a citywide parking ban, which closes all streets to parking. But, residents are still not allowed to park on any streets with signs designating that restriction if two or more inches of snow accumulate.

City officials said tickets can be reissued every 24 hours, and they do have the right to tow the car to the nearest residential area if it’s in the way.

The first parking violation ticket will be $55, Scott said if you are given another ticket, it will increase by $25. You can be cited three times.

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