Woodford County Zoning Board bans recreational cannabis sale


WOODFORD COUNTY— Woodford County Zoning Board of Appeals unanimously voted Tuesday to prohibit the sale of recreational marijuana in unincorporated areas of the county.

This ordinance will be strictly for the sale of recreational marijuana not medical.

Local municipalities have control over the local sales, but Woodford County leaders want to ban adult-use cultivate centers, cannabis transportation organization, a cannabis dispensary in unincorporated areas.

Major concerns the council has are public safety, underage access to recreational cannabis, and possible DUI’s. They also worry about how accessible recreational marijuana could be in schools.

Blake Parsons, Woodford County Board member, said most importantly this decision would benefit the county’s children.

“Not allowing these businesses to come in is a good measure to keep this out of the hands of the youth,” Parsons said.

Based on data from Colorado, council board member Emily Baker gave a presentation demonstrating how dispensaries in their area could cause the need for more sheriff and deputy presences.

She said it is possible the county would have to invest in devices to detect if someone is driving under the influence of marijuana and that could cost the county more money than the tax revenue from cannabis sales could bring in.

Parsons said the next step is for the full county board to vote on the matter next month.

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