New technology helps the deaf enjoy music


LONDON (CBS NEWS) –There is new technology out of the UK that will help deaf people enjoy music.

Twin sisters Heroda and Hermon Berhane enjoy dancing to music even though they can’t hear it. Heroda says, “I feel as though the deaf community think, ‘Oh what’s the point of even going to a night club?’ if they can’t hear the music.”

The deaf fashion bloggers can now feel the beat thanks to high-tech threads called the Sound Shirt. It’s made by a company called CuteCircuit and uses special microphones and smart fabrics to provide touch sensation.

Francesca Rosella is co-founder and chief creative officer of CuteCircuit. She says, “So imagine you go to the symphony orchestra and you want to feel them, you wear this shirt and the orchestra starts playing and you will feel different instruments in different parts of your shirt.”

All this technology doesn’t come cheap. Starting price for a shirt is over $3,500. But the sisters believe it’s a price worth paying to feel the rhythm of the night.

Hermon says, “It’s almost like feeling the depth of the music. So it’s another sensation that’s really different.”

A different sensation so more people can enjoy the beat. The company says they’re not stopping at sound. They are also designing clothes that can communicate over distance, change color, and can even be controlled by an app.

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