PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Mike Vespa, John Kelly, Kiran Velpula, Bernice Gordon -Young, and Zachary Oyler were elected to the Peoria City Council At-Large seats Tuesday.

Mike Vespa received 11% of the votes, John Kelly received 15% of the votes, Kiran Velpula received 15% of the votes, Bernice Gordon -Young received 16% of the votes, Zachary Oyler received 13% of the votes, Benjamin Nicks Jr. received 2% of the votes, Lawrence Maushard received 3% of the votes, Demario Boone received 10% of the votes, Anu Uddavolu received 10% of the votes and Clara Underwood-Forman received 6% of the vote.

Kelly, Velpula and Oyler were incumbents.