During last night’s storms — voters also tried to cast their ballots.

The Tazewell County Tabulation Center narrowly avoided a tornado disaster on election night.

County clerk John Ackerman says it all comes down to preparation.

By the time the storm hit, election judges took shelter inside the building.

He says it made their situation easier than what Fulton County had to deal with.

“I do have to keep in mind my colleague in Fulton County wasn’t as lucky… they had to shut down completely and of course today they’re starting back up,” says Ackerman.

According to the county clerk, he reached out to his counterpart, Patrick O’Brian and reassured him that if there was any assistance he needed from his neighboring county of Tazewell they were proud to help out and offer their services.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and we are available if (necessary),” Ackerman said.

The Fulton County Clerks and Recorder’s office announced late Tuesday that their office would be closed today, and will be in and out of the office as they gather election equipment and compile results.

The office also thanked the frontline heroes who helped during the tornado.

Please say a prayer for… law enforcement, first responders, and those that lost everything due to these devastating storms. We are and always will be here for each other.

Fulton County Clerk & Recorder’s Office

When they become available, Fulton County election results can be found here.