PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A close three-way race for two seats on the Peoria Public Schools Board is sending Greg Wilson back for a second term.

Greg Wilson, president of PPS School Board, secured the victory on Tuesday’s night election with 1,551 votes. He said he is grateful for a second term.

Newcomer Paris McConnell won the other seat with 1,463 votes, just 15 votes ahead of former school board member Daniel Walthier with 1,448 votes.

“I’m looking forward to working with her and the other board members so that we can provide our students, our children, and our community with a quality education and some of those supports that they need,” said Wilson.

Wilson said his goals for the next year are to implement a financial literacy curriculum and to support art and music.

“With the way that the world is moving today and there’s so many aspects and forms of music and art that could really be given to our children at a young age… Reducing and giving our students outlets to reduce some bullying,” he said.

Wilson and McConnell will be sworn in for five-year terms on July 1.