ILLINOIS (WMBD) — We are now less than 40 days away from the June primaries.

It is business as usual in Illinois politics. Political ads and personal jabs are now being thrown around in nearly every race, including the Democratic Primary for Secretary of State.

Current Chicago City Clerk, Anna Valencia, has challenged opponent, and former Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, to debates.

“Alexi Giannoulias has been skipping forums, dodging tough questions from political reporters and relying on allies to attack me because he doesn’t want to answer for his failures as a banker, state treasurer and U.S. Senate candidate. But Democratic primary voters deserve to hear the candidates for Secretary of State debate the issues of the day and our plans for the office. That’s why I’m challenging Alexi to participate in debates, hosted by major media outlets, over the next several weeks. Early voting has begun – we cannot wait any longer. I have answered, and will continue to answer, any question that comes my way. Alexi must do the same. We cannot continue to have an empty chair in his place.”

Anna Valencia statement

But a third candidate, Chicago Alderman David Moore, has now called Valencia out. Moore said Valencia should not be able to dictate who participates in the debates.

“I am in full agreement that Illinois voters need to hear from all of the candidates in the Secretary of State’s race. This is the first time the seat has been vacant in more than 20 years and there are millions of Illinois residents who are too young to remember when the Secretary of State’s office was mired in scandal and corruption. Illinoisans deserve a candidate who will serve them and not themselves or their families. We don’t need another Secretary of State using the seat as a stepping stone to run for governor or senator. We need a nominee in the general election who is electable.”

David Moore statement

Moore said voters should hear from all candidates, saying to date, he has actually appeared in more forums with Republican Candidate State Rep. Dan Brady (R-Normal) than his Democrat opponents.

“Television ads should not be a substitute for real debate. I urge the major television networks to treat this race with the same importance they are giving the governor’s race. The Secretary of State’s office is the second most important office in the state and touches nearly every Illinois resident,” Moore said. “The contest for Illinois Secretary of State is a tight race and regardless of money and/or clout all of the Democratic candidates should be invited to any televised debates the major broadcast networks decide to schedule.”

Later in Valencia’s news release, it makes brief mention of David Moore, saying Giannoulias has skipped four forums that she and Moore participated in.

In early April, WMBD’s sister station, WCIA, released an investigation into the Valencia campaign.

Republican candidate and former U.S. attorney John Milhiser released a statement following this investigation.

“This is the exact culture of corruption that needs to be rooted out from state government,” former U.S. Attorney and Republican candidate for Secretary of State John Milhiser said in a statement. “This individual is running for the office that controls lobbyist registration while simultaneously funneling government contracts to clients her spouse lobbies for. The Secretary of State’s office has historically fostered corrupt practices, dating back to Paul Powell and George Ryan, and it’s why we can’t afford to go backwards with more career politicians and machine politics.”

John Milhiser statement

Giannoulias has not responded to either Valencia or Moore’s statements as of 11:15 a.m. Friday.

The Primary election is on June 28.