CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Two Republican candidates are vying to be Central Illinois’ next State Senator.

Freshman State Sen. Win Stoller (R-Germantown Hills) is hoping to be elected into a second term. Meanwhile, his opponent Brett Nicklaus (R-Dixon), is wanting to land on Illinois’ political scene.

Both candidates have extensive financial backgrounds. They each tell WMBD’s Matt Sheehan they’re focused on both the fiscal and moral health in the State of Illinois.

Sen. Win Stoller said his track record is enough to get re-elected.

“I passed 4 bills into law in just my first 5 months in office. One of those represents a sizable tax cut for our small employers,” Sen. Stoller said.

This bill, known as the Salt Deduction Bill, will save money for 400,000 small businesses throughout the State.

Stoller said another focus of his during his freshman term was transparency with voters.

“I had 15 different town hall events I hosted to hear from constituents and update them on what’s going on in Springfield,” Stoller said.

Stoller’s opponent is certified financial planner Brett Nicklaus.

With over three decades in the financial sector, Nicklaus wants to capitalize on his business knowledge, and help Springfield get its’ financial house in order.

“We’ve got to get down to the dining room table. People are paying a tremendous amount of property taxes,” Nicklaus said.

But Nicklaus said Illinois faces much more than just a money problem.

“If we don’t get our moral issues under control, it doesn’t matter what we do fiscally. We’re losing businesses. Caterpillar just announced they’re leaving that was a huge blow to Illinois,” Nicklaus said.

Nicklaus told Sheehan his day-one agenda if he’s elected into office.

“My ultimate goal would be to eliminate abortion in Illinois. My first priority would be to end taxpayer-funded abortions,” Nicklaus said.

Sen. Stoller is also pro-life, agreeing with Nicklaus that he thinks change needs to happen.

“Polls will show that even in Illinois, pro choice people are largely opposed to those extreme laws,” Stoller said.

Both candidates think the “financial relief” Gov. Pritzker signed into law is just an election year gimmick, and said it doesn’t help the taxpayers fiscally at all.

The primary election in Illinois is June 28.