BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The ballots have been counted.

At this time, results show current Ald. Mollie Ward will face off against Kelby Cumpston on Tuesday, April 6 for Bloomington City Council’s Ward 7 seat.

Out of 304 ballots cast, Ward received 102 votes while Cumpston received 105.

Cumpston was pleased with the results, but said more work is to come.

“The next step is to start hitting the doors of people who have not voted in an election before and trying to really bring them into this because ultimately, the turnout was only 300 people…I really want to do everything I can to change that,” said Cumpston.

Election judges echoed a similar statement earlier Tuesday and said local elections should be just as important to residents as national elections.

“Local levels are extremely important because they’re the ones that affect your day-to-day life. This one for city council alderman, that person is going to be on the board that’s making decisions about…your street repairs, any other number of things going on in the community where you live,” said Election Judge Terry Luce.

The consolidated election for Ward 7 Alderman will take place Tuesday, April 6.