CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Running to represent the 91st District, James Fisher is working to be one of Illinois’ next state representatives.

Fisher joined WMBD’S Matt Sheehan for On the Record Friday, airing on WMBD News at 4.

Fisher said he is a farmer who lives outside of Hudson, Illinois.

“I’m a country boy,” Fisher laughed.

Fisher said he has been involved in politics for a while now.

“I’ve worked with the Republican Party’s precinct committeemen, working for other candidates in the past. I have a little experience on how to go out, knock on doors, and talk to people,” Fisher said. “I was also on the Unit 5 school board in the early 90s.”

Fisher labels himself a “conservative Republican.” He explained what that means for him.

“The biggest problem we have is taxes, especially here in Illinois,” Fisher said. “Illinois is one of the highest-taxed states in the nation. Where we live, and a lot of the farmland, that’s a lot of property that’s being taxed. Where do those taxes go? Schools, counties, to states. Another thing is taxes for fuel, Illinois is one of the highest fuel tax states. Where does that money go? I don’t know because Illinois is also one of the worst road states in the nation.”

Fisher said other topics voters have been speaking to him about are abortion rights and the 2nd amendment. Hear his thoughts on these two topics in the video above.

Fisher is running against Scott Preston in the GOP Primary.