ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Gun control laws are currently a major focus in Congress.

Now political candidates are using this topic to attack their opponents.

In Tuesday night’s Truth Test, WMBD’s Matt Sheehan looked into ad claims made by Congresswoman Mary Miller (R-IL) against her Primary opponent, Congressman Rodney Davis (R-IL).

In one of Rep. Mary Miller’s newest TV ads, she calls her opponent “Red Flag Rodney Davis.”

Citing an article in the “Pentagraph,” which is actually a misspelling of the Twin Cities newspaper “The Pantagraph,” the video shows a selfie of Davis and President Joe Biden. This photo was taken back when Biden was the Vice President.

The voice over said, “Rodney Davis sided with Joe Biden, voting for red flag gun confiscation that allows the government to seize your guns.”

This is a comment the Davis campaign calls “100 percent false.”

Davis’ public comments came back when President Trump was in office. Davis joined Sheehan in-studio for an interview recently, where he was asked about the matter.

“Looking at the package that’s being proposed, I can’t see how I’d support it,” Davis said, referring to the current gun control legislation that just passed out of the House.

Davis stuck to his word and voted “No” on both pieces of legislation that passed the Democratic-led house the following week.

“Remember, it was President Trump that asked us, Republicans, in Congress to try and come up with a conservative solution, to implement a Red Flag law that he supported,” Davis said.

Davis said he is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and believes gun control does not equal less violence, but “Only disarms law-abiding citizens who want to defend themselves.”

Davis was shot at while practicing for a charity baseball game five years ago.

“A crazed gunman decided he disagreed with us who were on that field because we were trying to fix a broken healthcare system,” Davis said.

Davis said gun laws stopped him from being able to defend himself.

“I am licensed to carry a concealed weapon here in Illinois, and I do so. I do so many times,” Davis said. “But I could not do that without breaking the law traveling from my office in Washington, D.C. to Virginia.”

Because the ad makes it sound like Rodney Davis supports the Red-Flag laws Congress is currently discussing, this ad is completely false and misleading.

WMBD reached out to Congresswoman Mary Miller numerous times for an interview, and never heard back.

Correction: An earlier version of this article read “Davis was shot.” It has been updated to reflect “shot at.”