Bloomington native spreads magic of music with old-school flair

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With the music industry becoming almost exclusively digital, items like records can seem like a thing of the past.

But one local man is bringing back the magic of music with the old-school flair.

Bloomington native, John Anderson was 14-years old when he started to get into music.

“The Police were my first favorite band probably when I was a kid,” he said. “I thought they were so cool.”

While you can play music in different forms, Anderson says it’s records that truly bring the art form to life. For the past seven years, he says he’s been living out his dream as the owner of Reverberation Vinyl.

“I get to listen to records all day. You know this is my second home basically,” said Anderson.

Thousands of records line the store’s walls, from popular to fringe artists. Anderson says it’s the eclectic style of options that keep his customers coming. But with the advancements of technology, running a record store in 2018 hasn’t always been easy.

He said, “There’s only one reason to do this and it’s not money. So you better love music and love records.”

But Anderson believes there’s a record resurgence in the works with more young people buying physical formats of music to listen to. It’s a trend he supports and says he hopes continues on.

“It’s just like any other job. You get annoyed by this or that and you have days that are better than others, but at the same time, in the end final analysis–like I said–I’m sharing music with people,” he stated.

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