Central Illinois sisters find their dream in Two Sisters and a Warehouse

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PEORIA, Ill. — What do you get when you’ve got two sisters, a warehouse and a big dream? 

“I guess we’ve always been treasure hunters at heart,” Kelly Wickware of Two Sisters and a Warehouse said. 

From an early age, Wickware and Traci Cole found thrills in collecting trinkets, antiques and Knick-knacks. 

The central Illinois natives and sisters found their passion while growing up on their old Colefax family farm.

“It had been in our family for like 135 years so old stuff, you know, we were always around old stuff,” Cole said. 

Cole and Wickware’s hobby eventually sparked a joint business opportunity. In 2016, Two Sisters and a Warehouse was born. One-hundred-and-twenty local and regional vendors lease floor space to sell their different novelty items. And when it comes to how many products call their store home, Wickware and Cole have since lost count.

“It’s just a fun place to be and so yeah, we’re really proud of it,” Wickware said. “Thousands and thousands of items I couldn’t [laughter]. I have no idea, but a lot.”

While each day brings lots of laughter and smiles, the sister have also dealt with their fair share of challenges getting the business going. From juggling full-time work schedules at their other jobs, to navigating the influx of vendor interest, they say it’s been a bonding experience.

“We’re real close just closer than I think either one of us ever thought that we could be,” Cole said. “It’s kind of instant gratification when somebody compliments the work that—you know the hard work that you’ve done.”

The pair haven’t quite decided what comes next for Two Sisters and a Warehouse. But they say they’re enjoying the thrills and adventures along the way.

The store is located at 121 E Lake Ave in Peoria. 

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