Chillicothe baker’s sweet treat craving launches career

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While many bakers spend countless hours crafting their skills in culinary school, Harreld Webster took an untraditional route with his pastry passion.
“I was hungry,” Webster laughed. “My stomach led the way.”
He says it was his cheesecake craving that turned him into a baker. But a popular recipe he found online and tried to replicate, didn’t quite do the trick.
“So I wanted to keep practicing, keep trying until I got a cheesecake I wanted–until I could satisfy the craving that started within,” he said.
Webster says he had a hit after tinkering with the concoction and fusing it with his mother’s sweet potato pie recipe.

“I took it to work everybody loved it and that day people started ordering cheesecakes from me,” he said.

Three years later in 2008, Webster opened his Chillicothe bakery, Triple Dipple’s. And while he says he doesn’t have a formal background in culinary arts, Webster decided to take his passion for eating sweet treats and turn it into a business venture.

Webster said, “I have regulars that are here every single week, sometimes a couple of times a week. We know each other by name. I know how their kids are doing. I know how work’s going. It’s just really kind of a Cheers environment where everybody knows your name.”

But with all that baking, Webster enlists some extra hands around to help. He works alongside his wife and three children, who are all certified in food handling. 
It’s a gig that Webster says lets him unleash his creativity while also doing something he enjoys. 
“I love what I do. I play. That’s really what it is for me. I get to play in the kitchen and come up with things that make people smile,” said Webster.

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