Curvology owner, body-positive entrepreneur reflects on first anniversary

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PEORIA, Ill. — Beth Fischer aims for an overarching message of body positivity day after day.

“Plus-size women do deserve to have a variety,” Fischer said.

As the owner of Curvology, Fischer hopes to do more than just sell clothing. She uses her plus-size boutique as a platform to encourage confidence in women across central Illinois.

“When you’re here, we want them to feel comfortable and want them to know that we all have our own issues,” said Fischer.

Fischer’s past frustrations with shopping got her thinking of ways to help others who’ve had similar experiences.

She said, “I’m obviously plus-size and when I would walk into a store that carried boutique style clothing, I couldn’t find anything. Or if I could find something, it was tucked all the way in the back corner and for me, it was just really frustrating.”

So Fischer launched Curvology in Peoria last November. She and her team of three are now celebrating a year since opening with a business model unique to the area.

“There is no other plus-size boutique in Peoria,” said Fischer. “Obviously as the business owner, no, you do not want other competition. But on the other hand, it is good to have other boutiques out there that do carry plus-size and I wish that there were more…”

Fischer says the community support she’s received for her boutique’s style and mission over the last year has been incredible.

“Of course it blows my mind. And deep down in my heart, it makes me feel loved and appreciated just by my customers,” Fischer said.

But she views Curvology as something more than just her.

“I started the business obviously for myself and knowing that this is something I needed to do. But as the months have gone by, it’s not for me anymore. It’s for everyone that walks through the door knowing that I feel the same way that they did or the same way they do when they go into other locations,” she said.

Curvology is located at 1125 W. Glen Ave. in Peoria.

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