PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (WMBD) — With the warm weather of spring just around the corner, people in Peoria Heights are taking full advantage of the newest business in the area. 

Alcohol-infused ice cream is what customers will now find at the new Yeni’s Palarte. 

“We wanted to bring something unique to the Heights that would not be available to anyone anywhere in Illinois,” said Chris McCall.

McCall and Yeni Rodriguez are bringing the vision to life as co-owners. They recently moved the business across town from the Metro Center in Peoria. 

“We wanted to reach more people and of course, Peoria Heights is very happening now,” said McCall. “And we love Peoria and at some point, we would love to open up additional locations back in Peoria.” 

The two are selling authentic, homemade, Mexican ice cream to customers. At Yeni’s Palarte customers will find upwards of 36 flavors, including avocado, blackberry queso, and Mexican chocolate. 

Rodriguez’s Mexican heritage is fully embedded in the art, decorations, and ingredients. 

“Most of my ingredients are from Mexico because I travel there to bring some ingredients from there —ingredients that we’re not going to be able to find here,” she said.

“I want them to feel like they’re back home. And for other cultures to show them what we have and where I am coming from.”

Yeni Rodriguez

If alcohol-infused ice cream isn’t your preference, there are regular and even dairy-free, gluten-free, and Keto options for customers to try.

It’s all in a space Rodriguez and McCall hope the community will love. 

“I want people to make friends over here. I want old friends to become acquainted with new friends and I want old friends to become reacquainted with another and everyone to walk away happy,” said McCall.

The new Yeni’s Palarte is located at 4301 N. Prospect Rd. in Peoria Heights.