CHILLICOTHE, Ill. (WMBD) – Harreld Webster’s cheesecake cravings have been propelling his career for quite some time now.

“Things have just been growing and we’ve been really blessed. It’s pretty incredible,” Webster said.

Webster is officially celebrating five years in business after opening his Chillicothe store Triple Dipple’s in July 2017. The sweet treat shop touts almost 100 different cheesecake options for customers to choose from throughout the year.

“The community has been supportive as they always have been. I’ve been having a lot of fun creating new flavors,” Webster said.

Even with the five-year milestone and a host of community and state awards under his belt, you won’t find Webster kicking back and relaxing. 

“I’ve mainly just kept my head to the ground trying to create the next thing,” he said. “You know what makes people happy? What do I want to eat? You know how do I want to share this with other people?”

Customers from across Central Illinois flock to the fun flavors offered. It gives Webster an opportunity to make meaningful connections. 

“It’s not just a transaction. I’m not just trying to take their money and give them a cheesecake and kick them out the door. I want to know the people that I’m interacting with.”

Harreld Webster

Webster said, “I’m a very social person. So I enjoy being out with everybody and having a good time. Meeting them, interacting with them. We have regulars. So I’ve watched their kids grow up in these last five years.”

Triple Dipple’s is located at 940 N. 2nd St. in Chillicothe.