PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Just because it’s considered healthy, doesn’t mean it has to be bland and boring.

The food options at The Queen of Squash in the Peoria Metro Centre are far from the usual and full of flavor.

“We have a chickpea tahini drizzle flatbread that’s very unique, we have a lot of bowls. One of our unique appetizers is called rissoles, so you feel like you’re eating a really unhealthy, fried buffalo chicken sandwich, but you’re not,” The Queen of Squash owner Heather Wolbeck said.

Making food fun and flavorful no matter your diet.

“I wanted to bring something new, something creative, menu items that aren’t around here. I wanted to hit a lot of different diet styles,” Wolbeck said. “Vegan, vegetarian, keto, sugar-free, but if you feel like you need a cheeseburger, we have that too.”

As a type one diabetic, Wolbeck said it has always been a struggle at restaurants to find items on the menu that fit her diet.

When she had the opportunity to open The Queen of Squash in April of this year, she had a goal to make her menu inclusive.

I wanted people to come in as groups and know that if you have a special diet due to medical issues, or just your fitness goals and health goals. I didn’t want you to feel weird and say you know, there’s nothing on this menu I can eat. I want everyone to find something here at The Queen of Squash.

Heather Wolbeck

All of the menu items are gluten and sugar-free made with fresh, local, organic ingrendients.

Although “squash” is in the name, Wolbeck said her restaurant is not 100 percent vegan. She said she picked up the title “Queen of Squash” during her time as a private chef, but she does have a little secret.

“There are squash and vegetables hidden in almost every recipe, so you may think you’re not eating squash, but you really are,” Wolbeck said laughing.

Mocktails and cocktails are available for purchase. Wolbeck said it’s all about an 80/20 lifestyle.

“80 percent clean and 20 percent indulgent,” she said.

Overall, Wolbeck said she wants to be an inspiration on someone’s journey.

“We also are about inspiring people no matter what their goals are, whether it’s fitness, spirituality, mental health, wherever you’re at, we want to help you,” she said.

For those who want something quick, there is a Grab-N-Go market inside.

The business located off of West Glen Avenue is open although road construction is restricting some access.