Open for Business: Local rage room allows unique way to express frustrations, anger

Open For Business

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – It’s a unique form of entertainment and one of few places that encourages mad behavior.

“I mean sometimes you just need to scream or throw something and just getting that kind of pent up aggression of whatever you’re feeling,” said Sara Ruder, the owner of Gone Mad Rage Room.

Ruder and her husband, Matt opened Gone Mad Rage Room in Peoria last year. The premise is simple: suit up and smash. Once you put on your safety gear, you can break, smash and hit the glass dishes, cups and electronics provided.

The business opened during a time when a lot of people weren’t quite feeling like themselves. 

“During COVID, I was able to convince [Matt] that we really needed it. It was time to build the rage room. Everybody’s mad,” Ruder laughed.

“The more I saw about different posts from other like minds in the industry, the more I thought, ‘Wow. This is really the best time for this.’ It couldn’t be any better.”

sara ruder

Ruder said, “Whether it’s anger, sadness, it’s about COVID, your job, your life, work, kids, you can take it out in here and feel much better.”

For some in the community, the experience is a workout-turned-cathartic release. 

“They love it. Everybody’s always like, ‘It’s cheaper than therapy,'” said Ruder.

“It’s a great way to get your anger and frustration out.”

sara ruder

Others find it’s also a unique bonding experience bringing loved ones together. 

“It’s all very good family fun that you can do together that will interest them and hold their attention long enough. It’s a good time,” she said.

Gone Mad Rage Room is located at 1001 SW Washington St. in Peoria.

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