Open for Business: Morton woman celebrates four years of ‘baked blessings’

Open For Business

MORTON, Il. (WMBD) – Lisa Rodeghiero has found her happy place with her baking. It’s a talent that she says she’s able to bless others with.

“A friend and I started baking on the side. People wanted cookies for graduations and different things–so family and friends. So we just kind of started on a whim baking cookies. And as the interest grew, the demand grew,” she said.

Her newfound interest came at a unique point in her life.

Rodeghiero said, “…at the time that I started doing the cookies, there was something that had gone on in my life, maybe I was struggling with a little bit and this gave me an outlet to focus my energies on maybe the grief I was going through at that time.”

Rodeghiero and her friend decided to dive head first into entrepreneurship, expanding beyond their home setups.

“We knew that it would have to be a perfect situation for us to take it to a full commercial kitchen,” said Rodeghiero.

The perfect proposal came in the form of a hidden gem: a local boutique owner offered up the store’s adjoining space. The former studio apartment is the home of Baked Blessings By Lisa. It’s a custom-order bakery. Rodeghiero is now entering her fifth year in business thanks to her customers. 

She said, “These people have become like family to us. We celebrate weddings, new babies, birthdays. We are seeing their kids grow up.”

But baker isn’t the only role Rodeghiero has taken on during her professional life. For 27 years, she worked as a nurse in the local medical field. It’s a position she finds herself reflecting on regularly. 

“It’s an intense career. It’s a caring career, a nurturing career,” Rodeghiero said. “Baking is kind of the same way. We’re still taking care of people. You’re blessing them. You’re giving back to them.”

Those lessons of kindness are ones she still carries with her and her business to this day.

“Our mantra here in the shop was more grace because we thought with the changes that the pandemic brought, we just wanted to see more grace in people.”

Baked Blessings By Lisa is a custom-order bakery that can be found here.

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