Open for Business: Natural skincare shop opens, works to educate others about clean living

Open For Business

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – There’s a new store in Peoria for people looking for more natural skincare products.

Xochitl Stafford is taking pride in her recently opened store, Succulent Natural Skincare: a place where natural ingredients for beauty products is taking priority.

“It kind of feels like an outer body experience especially right now, opening up my first studio space shop,” said Stafford. “It’s taken a long time to get here and a lot of hard work, but I’m so happy that it’s kind of happening at the time that it is.”

From lotions, to perfumes and soaps, Stafford said her goal is ingredient-education and helping others learn about clean living.

Stafford said, “Really challenging people to look at the things that they’re using not only that they’re using on their skin but in their home as well.”

“As I started researching and digging a little bit deeper, I was really surprised to find a lot of ingredients that are super toxic that we put on our bodies each and everyday and not know it.”

xochitl stafford

She birthed her business idea while she was also preparing to birth her baby girl.

“When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I started to become a little bit more ingredient-conscious, you know with an expectant newborn on the way,” Stafford said. “And as I started to just kind of go through some of the ingredients in baby products, it really got me thinking as to what am I really putting on my skin?”

Before opening her storefront, Stafford was making natural skincare products for herself, family and friends and selling them online. She even got certified in natural skincare formulation.

“I really saw a difference in not only my health, but my skin as well.”

xochitl stafford

While the pandemic delayed Stafford’s dream of opening a physical location, she’s excited to share her passion with people.

“If there’s anything that I know for myself is that I always try and I usually dive first feet in. And if I fail, I fail. But can’t say that I didn’t try,” said Stafford.

Succulent Natural Skin Care is located at 923 N. Sheridan Rd. in Peoria.

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