Open for Business: Peoria brothers trailblaze local fashion industry, open up store

Open For Business

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — At just 25 and 22 years old, Bryan and Josh Cannon respectively are breathing life into Central Illinois’ fashion scene. They’re bringing new styles to 1Hundred Degrees Fashion Wear. It’s their Peoria clothing shop they opened in late October. 

“It’s a great feeling knowing that [we’re] bringing a whole culture here,” said Josh.

The Peoria natives said it all start with a trip out east.

Bryan said, “We [were] going to New York to just talk to some [artist and repertoire representatives] and visit with some family and just led to one thing from another. People liked how we talked to liking how we dressed and thought we should be selling clothes.”

The Cannon brothers hit the ground running. They officially launched 1Hundred Degrees Fashion Wear online last December selling hoodies, pants, shirts, and coats. At the turn of the new year, the two expanded their presence by doing pop-up shops. 

“That’s really the good thing that balances us out. We both know our roles,” said Josh. “So it’s overall just fun.”

Bryan and Josh’s path toward entrepreneurship came quickly, but not easily. The two have actively been working to make opportunities for themselves, even when their surroundings made it difficult.

“We [didn’t] grow up in the best neighborhoods,” said Bryan. “Like to make them—to have the support we have and to know that [we’re] making it look better, they feel better, that means a lot to me.”

The community rallied behind them. The two said having the support spoke volumes.

Bryan said, “All my friends [were] on the same page as us. So getting the support from them made everything way more easy.”

“Like it’s really about the team and the people you surround yourself with.”

bryan cannon

The Cannon brothers said the shop is a way to give back to the community that raised them and set an example for those coming after them. 

“We just want to show them that it’s a lot more ways that—to support yourself and do better than just being in the streets and you know doing the wrong thing.”

josh cannon

While the two may be young, they’re not letting that stop them from building their fashion empire. They’re already establishing the legacy they want to leave behind.

“[We’re trying to] help Peoria as much as possible grow,” said Josh.

Bryan plans to use the store as a means of establishing generational wealth.

“I want my people to be able to profit from when I want to stop doing this, if I choose to stop doing this,” he said.

And the Cannon brothers’ message is clear for aspiring entrepreneurs.

“A lot of people [are going] to say you can’t do it. But if you tune them out and just focus really hard and just grind every day…” said Josh.

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