Peoria business salvaging local treasures to preserve history

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If you step foot in the Whiskey City Architectural Salvage warehouse, you’ll find a host of items. From doors and light fixtures to theater seats and old signs, the nine person team rescues it all from properties set for demolition. But as the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

“We get to share Peoria’s history and we get to save some of Peoria’s history,” said Matt Faughn, co-owner of the business and a builder. 
With the help of the City of Peoria, Bill Sullivan opened Whiskey City Architectural Salvage with his team in 2015.

“Since then we’ve done hundreds and hundreds of properties throughout the state,” Sullivan said.

When operations branched out into design work, Faughn was brought on board to help.

He said, “I kind of grew up with it—learned from my dad. Our family is full of woodworkers, so it’s been a passion of mine my entire life.”

But in the salvage business, you never know what you’re going to find. The two say they even stumbled upon a grenade once.

“It had the pin pulled,” Faughn said. “We actually had to have the bomb squad come in and do a controlled detonation on it before it accidentally went off and hurt anybody.”

The pair say every day is a lively adventure, but it’s one that they take pride in.

“For all of us here, it’s a passion of ours. Not just creating a sale or creating a new place but it’s the passion of salvaging,” said Faughn.

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