If you spend enough time with Lynnette Lee, you’ll likely end up experiencing Peoria in ways you’ve never seen before.

“It’s all about having a different kind of fun,” Lee said.

She and her husband Ronnie are the Peoria area natives who started World On Wheels 12 years ago. The business gives tourists and locals a chance to explore Peoria by way of quadricycles and Segway tours.

“The stories that we tell, the information that we give is just basically a knowledge of growing up in the area,” Lee said. “Some of the things are from customers who come along and tell me what they know about Peoria.”

But just like the quadricycles and Segways, World On Wheels is mobile operating out of trailers. The framework has served the business well.

Lee said, “We’ll attend various different functions like the auto show and the Kids Fest and neighborhood block parties and Night Out Against Crime and people know who we are now. So we’ve made a foothold in the area.”

If you do one of the Segway tours, you will have to wear a helmet. You’re also required to sign a waiver whether you’re riding a quadricycle or Segway.

World on Wheels is open throughout the fall season as long as temperatures remain above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.