Washington baker brings family recipes to local community

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WASHINGTON, Ill. –Meet Dena Stutzman. She’s a baker turned business owner and a sweetheart who has a love for sweet treats.

“We use all butter and everything’s really high caloric,” Stutzman laughed.
“But that’s what makes things taste good.”

There’s no shortage of sugar at Aunt Dena’s Bakery in Washington. Stutzman and her small but mighty team craft cookies, cake balls, and other concoctions all made from scratch.

“We don’t use mixes. You know I don’t take a box and open it and add something to it,” she said.

Stutzman learned her way around the kitchen at a young age, with her mother and grandmother as her guides. They still influence her work to this day.

She said, “My grandmother was the best pie maker. Her pie just melted in your mouth. She had the best crust. So she taught us how to make pie.”

While Stutzman spends much of her time now balancing the sugary snacks, her background is actually in the health field. After 32 years as a nurse, she decided to retire and branch off into the business of baking. She says the transition was backed with a lot of prayer.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do. But I didn’t have any doubts. Once I decided, it was just like ‘yeah, we can do this.’”

Stutzman credits her faith for being the perfect ingredient for her success.

She said, “It’s just very rewarding to make food that people like to eat.”

For more information, visit Aunt Dena’s Bakery.

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