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Which RC jet is best? 

If you’re into all kinds of aircraft but lack the skills to be a real-life pilot, the next best option is to get a remote-controlled jet. With a huge variety available, from modern machines to fliers from the past, an RC jet can be hours of fun.

Whether it’s a hobby or you want something a bit more serious, there are a few important things to keep in mind. An excellent model to start your RC jet journey is the Top Race 4-Channel Fighter Jet

What to know before you buy an RC jet

Easy to control

A common mistake many beginner pilots make is to think that any RC jet is easy to fly. While the principles of flying are the same, aircraft handle differently depending on their design configuration. For beginners, a craft with a wingspan about the same as the body of the plane will be much easier to control than a fighter jet. This is because the configuration provides more stability in the air.

Power type

Many RC aircraft make use of electric power for the motor and can be easier to fly. Electric aircraft can also be more affordable than alternative combustion-powered motors. The latter comes with a unique set of challenges, as the motor needs constant maintenance and you have to factor in the price of fuel. However, if you’re looking for an aircraft that’s as close to the real thing as possible, a combustion power jet is the way to go.

Where you’ll be flying

Unlike drones that can take off and land from virtually anywhere, the areas where RC jets can fly are different. They too need a runway of sorts that can determine where you can fly. Also, keep in mind that electric motors are a lot quieter than combustion motors. Most neighborhoods won’t take too kindly to a miniature jet flying circles over the block.  

What to look for in a quality RC jet

Range of the transmitter

The range of the transmitter determines how far away from you the jet can travel. Keeping in mind that they can fly relatively fast, you wouldn’t want to lose control of the craft in a confined area. A good-quality RC jet should have a flying range of around 1-2 miles, while professional models can go as far as 5 miles.

Construction materials

Any RC enthusiast will be quick to admit that crashing is all part of the hobby, but that doesn’t mean the aircraft should smash into tiny pieces when something goes wrong. RC jets should be made from robust materials that can take a slight beating or be easily replaced if need be. Most airplanes are made from wood, and accessories are available that can minimize the chances of a stall or crash landing. 

Power source capacity

Deciding on the right power source is crucial, but a decent jet has a power source that can give you a bit more than 10 minutes of flying. There are some other factors that come into play — battery-powered jets might not be as fast or have the range, but combustion-powered engines require more power to compensate for the added weight of the fuel.

How much you can expect to spend on an RC jet

The average price for an RC jet generally depends on the construction design and the power source. An entry-level jet can cost $50-$100, while a jet that packs a bit more of a punch can cost $200-$250.

RC jet FAQ

How long can an RC jet fly?

A. This depends on the power source of the aircraft, but generally, it’s around 15-30 minutes. There are some combustion-powered aircraft that can remain airborne for up to an hour.

How fast can an RC jet fly?

A. The engine’s power source, design configuration and weight determine how fast it can fly. The average speed for an over-the-counter jet is about 70 miles per hour, while some can reach speeds of 120 miles per hour.

What’s the best RC jet to buy?

Top RC jet

Top Race 4-Channel Fighter Jet

Top Race 4-Channel Fighter Jet

What you need to know: This fighter jet is the perfect model to start with if you aren’t familiar with its speed and movements.

What you’ll love: With a flying distance of 300 feet, you can always keep an eye on where this jet is going. The four-channel remote control lets you handle the jet like a passenger airplane, so you must control the rudder, elevator and aileron. Made from sturdy foam, it’s unlikely to get damaged if you do crash. If you’re into acrobatic stunts, this jet features a one-push button to do loops and quick turns.

What you should consider: It has a flight time of around 15 minutes. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top RC jet for the money

Landbow 6-Axis RC Jet

Landbow 6-Axis RC Jet

What you need to know: Made from strong foam, this jet is the perfect starting point for someone who wants to get into RC aircraft. It uses a four-channel controller to adjust the various flying mechanics.

What you’ll love: There’s no need to worry if your flying is less than straight, as the built-in six-axis gyro greatly improves stability and control.  

What you should consider: It might take on the form of a jet, but the electric motor powers two propellers hidden behind the wings.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

E-Flite MiG-15 EDF Ducted Fan RC Jet

E-Flite MiG-15 EDF Ducted Fan RC Jet

What you need to know: The MiG-15 is an iconic jet, and you can reach fast flying speeds through the Delta-V ducted fan system and brushless motor engine.

What you’ll love: A near-accurate replica of the Russian MiG-15, this model also features the correct color scheme, wing fences and gun details. It uses Spektrum 2.4Ghz DSMX technology for the four-channel controller and features three different flying modes, depending on your ability. 

What you should consider: The transmitter, battery and charger aren’t included in the kit.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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