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Which frosted Christmas tree is best?

While a fully decorated green Christmas tree is a traditional part of creating the spirit of the holidays, many people believe the white frosted or flocked tree does it even better. These simulated snow-covered trees capture the feeling of a winter wonderland as the branches glisten and the colored lights and ornaments pop against the white background.

Both real and artificial trees are available in frosted form, and one of the best frosted artificial Christmas trees is the OasisCraft Pre-lit Snowy Aspen Spruce Christmas Tree.

What to know before you buy a frosted Christmas tree

Frosting a real tree 

Frosted Christmas trees can be purchased from some tree lots during the holiday season or enterprising do-it-yourselfers can create the effect at home on a green tree.

DIY frosting uses white spray paint applied lightly, allowing green branches to remain visible. The tops of the branches are white while the bottom part of the needles is exposed to give the effect of lightly fallen snow.

DIY flocking uses white spray paint as a first coat, then wall texture or popcorn ceiling texture (optional). Finally, “SnoFlock” is applied to give the tree a much heavier snow appearance, often with no visible “green.”

Both methods can be messy. Even after the SnoFlock dries, touching the tree can cause bits to drop off. Purchasing an already frosted artificial tree avoids the messy process and the daily cleanup once the tree is set up in the house.

Artificial frosted trees

Although the fresh fragrance of a real evergreen tree is appealing, several drawbacks come with it: the need for watering through the holiday season, difficult transport, messy pine needles and the fire hazard when they dry out.

For a freshly fallen snow look without the mess of treating your own live tree, purchasing a frosted artificial Christmas tree is your best bet. Fake tree manufacturers are highly skilled at creating the look of snow that makes a subtle and delicate statement. 

Furthermore, an artificial tree can last up to 10 years when stored properly, saving you the cost of purchasing a live Christmas tree every year. Modern frosted artificial trees look realistic and are offered in a range of shapes, colors, and designs.

Flocked Christmas tree lighting

Do you want to hang your own lights? The answer to this will send you in one of two directions.

  • Unlit flocked Christmas trees: Trees with no lighting built in are available for those who want to decorate by stringing the lights in their preferred manner or varying the color or layout every year.
  • Pre-lit flocked Christmas trees: For people who prefer not to drape the lights themselves, a pre-lit flocked tree offers a fast way to create the Christmas atmosphere: just unbox the tree and plug in the cable. Pre-lit flocked trees are available with clear and white lights and a range of color options. 

What to look for in a quality frosted Christmas tree

Tree shape

The best shape for an artificial Christmas tree depends on your preference and the space available in your home. Trees are typically available both in a symmetrical cone shape with no variation up and down the sides or a form with varying branches, giving the tree a more natural appearance.

Branches and needles

In nature, trees grow with various types of branches and needles, and artificial trees mimic those styles. Even though a frosted Christmas tree is partially covered with white material, the branches and needles are still recognizable. What’s best is, again, a matter of preference.

Artificial tree companies typically make their trees with hooked or hinged branches. Hooked branches are separate from the trunk when the box is opened and must be attached during assembly. Hinged branches, found on higher-quality trees, are easier — they’re attached to the tree trunk and are folded when the tree is disassembled for storage.

Artificial tree material

Artificial trees are typically made of polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene. Trees made from PE will have needles that are better sculpted, and branches with a more natural, authentic look.

Frosting or flocking quality

The treatment on some less expensive trees can appear tacky, making the tree look fake. 

Number of attached tips

The number of “attached tips” is a good indicator of an artificial tree’s quality. A higher-quality tree has a higher number, giving the tree, both bare and frosted/flocked, a fuller appearance and more natural look.How much you can expect to spend on a frosted Christmas tree

Prices for frosted artificial Christmas trees range from $60 to over $1,000 depending on the features and quality, but the average price is about $300. 

Frosted Christmas tree FAQ

Is flocking environmentally friendly?

A. Christmas tree flocking and frosting products made with post-production paper cellulose and cornstarch and other materials are said to be more environmentally friendly than those using chemical adhesives.

Will a flocked tree decompose to create compost?

A. Frosted and flocked live trees cannot be composted. Most services accept only trees without decorations or artificial snow.

What’s the best frosted Christmas tree to buy?

While flocked Christmas trees have a much heavier simulated snow appearance than frosted trees, many manufacturers blur the distinction labeling both types as flocked. Here are some of the best frosted trees.

Top frosted Christmas tree

OasisCraft Pre-Lit Snowy Aspen Spruce Christmas Tree

OasisCraft Pre-Lit Snowy Aspen Spruce Christmas Tree 

What you need to know: The lightly frosted Blue Ridge spruce artificial Christmas tree is 7.5 feet tall and 54 inches wide, fitted with 500 incandescent, warm white lights to brighten up any room.

What you’ll love: The pre-lit hinged tree features 2,176 fresh green pine tips decorated with large brown pinecones. The tree includes a stand and conveniently disassembles into three hinged sections for storage.

What you should consider: The stand quality is not as good as the rest of the tree and it wobbles. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top frosted Christmas tree for the money

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree

Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree 

What you need to know: This 4-foot-tall lightly flocked tree made in a pine style is ideal for a small room or tabletop and those who want to add their own string lights.

What you’ll love: The beautifully crafted tree is made with 231 PVC tips and a hinged body for easy assembly and storage. It includes a sturdy heavy-duty metal stand.

What you should consider: The tree sheds dust, requiring some cleanup.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Full Christmas Tree 

What you need to know: This beautiful artificial tree with lightly frosted branches measures 7.5 feet tall, is pre-strung with over 700 clear lights and comes decorated with red berries and pinecones.

What you’ll love: The fir-style tree has 2,514 individually crafted branch tips, creating a full-bodied effect. The pre-attached, hinged branches drop down for a straightforward set-up and disassembly. Made with high-quality materials, fire-resistant needles and a durable metal base, the tree will bring holiday cheer for many years to come.

What you should consider: The tree comes full of glitter, some of which will fall when the tree is touched.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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