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The 8 best PS5 controller charging stations

Few managed to get their hands on a PS5 since the demand for the console exceeded supply by an unprecedented margin, but the good news is that Sony plans to release a revised version on September 15.

Getting a charging station is a good idea if you’re set on buying a new PS5. That way, you can juice up your controller when you’re not playing, so it’s ready to go when you are. 

In this article: PlayStation DualSense Charging Station, Oivo PS5 Controller Charging Station and Razer Quick PS5 Controller Charging Stand.

What to know about PS5 controller charging stations

Clear the clutter

Your gaming area can be untidy if you have many accessories and peripherals. A charging station can help clear the clutter by eliminating charging cables running from your PS5 to the controller. It also gives you a place to hold your PS5 controller when you’re not using it, which makes it easy to find when the time comes for your next session. Additionally, it can help you avoid leaving your controllers on the couch, a chair or a table.

Fast charging

The only downside to a charging station is that most don’t let you comfortably use your controller while it’s docked and charging. However, many users find the minor inconvenience worth it since a charging station can charge a controller significantly faster than a USB-C cable connected to a PS5. Most charging stations can fully charge a dead PS5 controller in under two and a half hours, but the best ones can do it in one and a half.

Dual-controller charging

There are two types of charging stations single-controller and dual-controller.

  • Single-controller charging stations are compact and designed to charge or hold one controller.

  • Dual-controller charging stations have two connected docks for charging two controllers simultaneously.

A single-controller charging station is more affordable and ideal if you only own one PS5 controller, but those with multiple controllers may want to consider a dual-controller charging station.

However, it’s important to note that the power supply is usually split when two controllers are charging simultaneously, meaning it takes longer to get both controllers fully charged.

Horizontal vs. vertical design

Most charging stations have a horizontal design that lets you quickly click on controllers to cradle them. However, there are more sleek, vertical charging stations that look more stylish and save more space.

Features to look for in a quality PS5 controller charging station

Charging status indicators

The light bar on a PS5 controller pulsates with an orange light when charging and stops once it’s at 100%. Charging stations have LED indicators that make it easy to tell if your controller is charged. For example, some charging docks will glow red when a controller is charging and change to blue once fully powered.

Additional ports

Many charging stations draw power directly from a PS5, meaning it’ll use one USB port. This presents a problem for gamers who want to connect other accessories and peripherals to a USB port on their PS5. To solve this, some charging stations have two or three additional ports so users can still connect their accessories while the charging station draws power from the PS5 to charge controllers.

Built-in intelligent chip

Leaving any appliances or electronics charging when you’re not around can be dangerous. Mishaps such as over-charging, over-voltage, overheating and short-circuiting can occur. The risk is low, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s best to look for a charging station with a built-in intelligent chip that helps prevent them.

The best PS5 controller charging stations

Most reliable PS5 controller charging stations

Best Oivo PS5 Controller Charging Station

Oivo PS5 Controller Charging Station

This charging station can power up two controllers simultaneously in just two hours and has an on and off switch on the rear for power saving when it’s not in use. Plus, it has an LED light indicating the charging status.

Sold by Amazon

Best Mes Merry Black Charging Station

Mes Merry Black Charging Station

This dock features a click-in design and has a blue light bar with a touch on and off switch and control panel. It’s powered by a 5V/2A plug adapter and supports dual controller charging, getting each one to full power in less than two and a half hours.

Sold by Amazon

Best PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

PlayStation DualSense Charging Station

Thanks to a click-in design, you can dock two controllers easily and leave them charging while you’re away from your PS5 console. It’s an authentic Sony PS5 controller charging stand, so it’s more durable and reliable than third-party charging docks.

Sold by Amazon

Best Razer Quick PS5 Controller Charging Stand

Razer Quick PS5 Controller Charging Stand

You don’t need to worry about this charging stand falling over as it has a sturdy curved cradle design that lets you easily mount your controller. It’s ergonomically designed for one-handed navigation, so players can use it even when a controller is docked.

Sold by Amazon

Best LVFan PS5 Controller Charging Station

LVFan PS5 Controller Charging Station

Players looking for a fast way to charge their PS5 controllers will love this dock. It can charge one controller in under 90 minutes and has a drop-in slot design for quickly securing controllers in place. Plus, it has two LED light indicators that display charging status.

Sold by Amazon

Most affordable PS5 controller charging stations

Best Catzarmor PS5 Controller Charging Station

Catzarmor PS5 Controller Charging Station

This charging station has a neat spaceship design and is ideal for those looking for an affordable way to charge their controllers. It has clear LED indicators that light up red or blue depending on whether the controllers are fully charged.

Sold by Amazon

Best Fegliea PS5 Controller Charging Station

Fegliea PS5 Controller Charging Station

This charging station has a 70.5-inch power adapter and can charge two controllers even when the console is powered off. It has a built-in chip that protects it from over-surging, and it takes less than two hours to charge a controller.

Sold by Amazon

Best NexiGo PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Station

NexiGo PS5 DualSense Controller Charging Station

This charging station has a more stylish design than other docks, but it’s still compact and has a built-in chip for overload protection. You can charge two controllers simultaneously, and it has LED lights that illuminate when they’re docked.

Sold by Amazon


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