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Which coat racks are best?

Coat racks can seem frivolous on the surface. After all, you probably have a closet and good hangers. But it isn’t just about having a place to hang your coat. It’s about having a readily accessible place to stash all your “going out†things, including hats, umbrellas, keys and, yes, coats. However, there are several types of coat racks to choose from and you also need to balance their size and designs with your space.

What to know before you buy a coat rack

Coat rack types

There are four types of coat racks:

  • Standalone racks, well, stand alone on their feet. They usually offer the most storage, as many have shelves, along with hooks.
  • Wall-mounted racks are perfect for those needing minimal storage.
  • Corner racks are excellent for finding extra space where you previously thought was none. They come in stand-alone or wall-mounted forms.
  • Portable racks are set on wheels and aren’t used in homes as often as they are in offices or other work-based situations. Don’t let that stop you though, especially if you like to move around.

Storage options

Coat racks have two types of storage: hooks and shelves:

  • Hooks come in more varieties than you think. Some are just a simple, one-pronged hook. Others split in the middle to become two smaller and tightly packed hooks or are two-tiered with one small hook below and a larger hook above.
  • Shelves are simpler. The main concern is how many there are and their size and shape. Some shelves are perfect for storing several pairs of shoes, for example, while others are mostly meant for putting up small decorations.

Storage quantity

When shopping for a coat rack, it’s always best to choose one with more storage options than you think you need. Consider also exactly what you want to store on them. Most racks have at least four hooks, though some can have fewer or as many as 10-plus. Racks with shelves typically have one to four.

What are the best standalone coat racks to buy?

Best Vasagle Coat Rack

Vasagle Coat Rack

This rack meshes well with most homes and has 10 hooks, three shelves and a top bar for hanging even more clothes with, well, hangers. It comes in two sizes and five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Best Vasagle Alinry Coat Rack

Vasagle Alinry Coat Rack

This rack strikes a modern tone with its balance of minimalism and hefty storage options of four shelves, eight hooks and four bars for hanger-bound clothes. It comes with gray or brown shelves.

Sold by Amazon

Best Simple Houseware Standing Coat and Hat Rack

Simple Houseware Standing Coat and Hat Rack

This classic coat rack design offers eight hooks and four angled bars specifically for hats. It’s 6 feet tall and comes in bronze, red, white and turquoise.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best wall-mounted coat racks to buy?

Best Dseap Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

Dseap Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

The split hook design of this rack offers a massive 15 hooks. It also comes in a two-pack if you need even more storage and in six colors.

Sold by Amazon

Best HBCY Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

HBCY Wall-Mounted Coat Rack

This beautifully rustic rack includes the mounting materials you need, has five two-tier hooks and a top shelf. It comes in five colors.

Sold by Amazon

Best Premium Racks Coat And Hat Rack

Premium Racks Coat and Hat Rack

This rack is more modern thanks to its tree branchlike shape and the iron used to make it. It has eight “branches†and comes in black or white. Though the pictures show multiple, only one is included.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best corner coat racks to buy?

Best Homyshopy Corner Storage Shelf

Homyshopy Corner Storage Shelf

This storage rack has nine pre-attached hooks, a metal grate for placing three included movable hooks as needed and four shelves. The shelves and hook backings come in gray or brown.

Sold by Amazon

Best Prepac Corner Hall Tree

Prepac Corner Hall Tree

This rack adds a stately and rustic touch to your home while offering four shelves when counting the top of the cabinet and four hooks. It comes in white or grayish-brown.

Sold by Amazon, Macy’s and Staples

Best Welland Corner Floating Coat Rack Shelf

Welland Corner Floating Coat Rack Shelf

This wall-mounted rack is perfect if you still want corner storage but a full rack looks too large for your space. There are four hooks and you can decorate the top shelf.

Sold by Amazon

What are the best portable coat racks to buy?

Best Simple Houseware Standard Rod Garment Rack

Simple Houseware Standard Rod Garment Rack

Sticking to the basics is often the best move you can make, especially when the basics are well executed. This rack exemplifies this idea with sturdy wheels and a strong, extendable rod.

Sold by Amazon

Best Simple Houseware Double Rod Garment Rack

Simple Houseware Double Rod Garment Rack

This rack has two rods — one higher than the other. It’s perfect for holding lots of things without taking up too much space.

Sold by Amazon

Best Simple Houseware Z-Base Garment Rack

Simple Houseware Z-Base Garment Rack

This is among the longest, strongest portable coat racks and its special Z-shaped base is sturdy and easier to move through tight corners. It comes in silver, black and red.

Sold by Amazon

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