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Which drawer organizer is best?

Whether you’re hoping to get your home’s junk drawer in order or have new aspirations of neatness, a drawer organizer can be life-changing. Drawer organizers can be used in kitchens, work desks and wardrobes to bring clarity where there used to only be chaos. 

If you want the best drawer organizer for smaller drawers, such as in kitchens, bathrooms or offices, be sure to check out iDesign Linus Plastic Kitchen Drawer Organizers. You can collect the sets you need for personalized organization.

What to know before you buy a drawer organizer

Get your drawer dimensions

Make sure the drawer organizer you’re considering fits in your desired drawer. Grab a tape measure and take note of the drawer dimensions so you can take the guesswork out of the process and avoid needing to return ill-fitting organizers.

Shelf liners keep things in place

Drawer organizers help in keeping your drawers tidy, but sometimes they can slip around when opening and closing a drawer. Shelf liners can help keep everything in place. Rather than having a drawer organizer that slips from side to side, constantly needing reorganization, install a shelf liner to keep the drawer contents still. There are plenty of types and styles of shelf liners to fit your preferences. The best ones to use with drawer organizers will stick to the bottom of the drawer and to the organizer to keep everything securely in place.

Consider the drawer contents

The best drawer organizer for a kitchen drawer will be completely different from the best drawer organizer for a sock drawer. Even different kitchen drawers benefit from unique organizers. That’s why it’s important to understand the contents of your drawer before choosing an organizer. Make sure there are compartments lengthy enough to fit your long cooking spoons but short enough to keep measuring spoons and other cooking utensils organized.

What to look for in a quality drawer organizer

Durable construction

You want a stable drawer organizer so it doesn’t snap or break during use. Small items easily wiggle their way through wobbly dividers, so durability is necessary. Your drawer organizer should not wiggle, bend or break even when it is full of your drawer items. Even stackable drawer organizers should be firm and stable.

Convenient compartments

Depending on where you intend to use your drawer organizer, the size and shape of the compartments make a big difference. For example, if you’re searching for a silverware drawer organizer to arrange your utensils, make sure there are spaces for forks, spoons and knives. If you want to organize your desk drawer, you may need places for pens, paper clips and notepaper. Drawer organizers for clothes should be tall, while organizers for makeup may not need much height.

Good fit

The best drawer organizer on the market will be practically useless to you if it doesn’t fit well in your drawer. Making sure you have a good fit with your drawer organizer is key to tidying drawers.


Versatility in a drawer organizer can make a big difference. While not all drawer organizers are adjustable, some are made to fit different size drawers or keep various items organized. An adjustable drawer organizer gives you more flexibility in terms of fit. Even when using adjustable drawer organizers, be sure to measure the dimensions of your drawer, and then go with something that offers a close fit. 


What your drawer organizer is made out of makes a difference in its functionality and durability. Plastic, wood, bamboo, metal and even fabric are all great options for drawer organizers. Something that’s easy to clean is ideal for kitchens, while something more unique and cozy does well in a bedroom or as a dresser drawer organizer.

How much you can expect to spend on a drawer organizer

You can find plenty of quality drawer organizers for $10- $25. Some larger, under-bed drawer organizers are $100 or more.

Drawer organizer FAQ

Are drawer organizers worth it?

A. Most users find drawer organizers to be worth it. The right drawer organizer can help you transform even your messiest drawer into an organized wonder. 

How do you keep drawer organizers in place?

A. A grippy shelf liner is one way to keep your drawer organizers from sliding around. You can also use command strips or rubber bumpers. Alternatively, you can make sure a drawer organizer fills up your whole drawer so there’s nowhere for it to slide around.

What’s the best drawer organizer to buy?

Top drawer organizer

iDesign Linus Plastic Kitchen Drawer Organizers

iDesign Linus Plastic Kitchen Drawer Organizers

What you need to know: This plastic drawer organizer comes in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to be perfect as a bathroom drawer organizer or kitchen drawer organizer.

What you’ll love: Why limit yourself to standard drawer organizers when you can build your custom compartments? Mix and match these drawer organizers to create order in your craziest drawers. Arrange how you want to create the exact setup you need. 

What you should consider: These organizers aren’t dishwasher safe.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top drawer organizer for the money

Utoplike 4 Pack Bamboo Kitchen Adjustable Drawer Dividers

Utoplike 4 Pack Bamboo Kitchen Adjustable Drawer Dividers

What you need to know: This four-pack of adjustable bamboo drawer dividers offers enough versatility to suit a wide variety of drawer sizes.

What you’ll love: These expandable drawer organizers come in two sizes. They have a built-in spring, making them easy to keep in place or remove when necessary. Every end of the organizers has rubber pads to protect your drawer and organizer from scratches. 

What you should consider: These drawer dividers are best suited to kitchens, since they are not tall enough to organize most clothing drawers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Tenabort 12 Pack Foldable Drawer Organizer Dividers

Tenabort 12 Pack Foldable Drawer Organizer Dividers

What you need to know: Made out of eco-friendly, non-woven fabric and cardboard, these foldable drawer organizers are easy to use and clean. 

What you’ll love: These drawer organizers will help bring cohesion to many spaces. They are perfect for dressers, closets, playrooms, offices, bookshelves and more. With 12 pieces, you can organize almost anything.

What you should consider: Some users say the organizers had a bad odor when they were first opened. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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