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Which wraparound curtain rod is best?

Whether you’re a creature of the night or just want a little more privacy, a wraparound curtain rod is a great solution for any home. These specially designed rods neatly mount to your wall for a seamless look. Just like your favorite decorative rod, wraparounds come in a variety of materials and finishes, so you don’t have to sacrifice form for function.

The best wraparound curtain rod is the Urbanest Wraparound Single Curtain Rod in Antique Brass

What to know before you buy a wraparound curtain rod

What is a wraparound curtain rod?

Also known as a French-return curtain rod, a wraparound curtain rod curves and mounts to your wall as one solid bar. This curve allows for your curtains to wrap all the way around the rod. They’re a popular choice for those who prefer privacy or who need total darkness to sleep. 

Benefits of a wraparound curtain rod

Sleep: Wraparound curtain rods are the best solution after blackout curtains for those who struggle with light sensitivity at night. Studies show that light exposure can disrupt our circadian rhythms, causing us to wake up feeling tired and irritable. About 35% of Americans, for example, suffer from consistent sleep deprivation, putting them at significantly greater risk of chronic illness. These rods let you pull your curtains all the way up to your wall so light doesn’t leak out the side. 

Privacy: A wraparound curtain rod prevents people from looking into your home at angles by closing off the sides.   

Aesthetics: For those who don’t like the look of a decorative curtain rod, this is a seamless alternative. These curtain rods mount directly into your wall so the bar is only visible when the curtains are open. Not only are they elegant, but also sturdy, as they don’t have separate brackets.  

How to install a wraparound curtain rod

A wraparound curtain rod mounts directly to the wall instead of using elaborate brackets. Depending on its design, you’ll either use a set of hidden brackets or screw through a flange at the end of the bar. You’ll need a level to make sure it’s straight.  

Putting curtains on your wraparound curtain rod

Just like regular curtain rods, these non-decorative versions use every curtain installation method. If your curtain has a rod pocket, slide it directly on. Just watch out for wraparounds with flanged ends. If your curtain has grommets, you can either use hooks or loop the reinforced holes onto the rod itself (if they’re big enough). 

What to look for in a quality wraparound curtain rod


Which material you choose comes down to your taste and decor. Curtain rods can be purchased in a simple raw material, or you can get one with an aged, colored or stained finish. Common curtain rod materials are: 

  • Wood: Walnut, oak, mahogany, pine and cedar are all popular choices. These have a nice natural look that goes well with modern decor.
  • Metal: Metal is a sophisticated accent. Stainless steel, nickel, copper and brass are the jewelry of reserved, contemporary interiors. Antique brass or industrial steel add a little Victorian or urban flare, respectively. 
  • Plastic: Plastic is a sturdy material receptive to a number of finishes. Because you won’t see much of the wraparound curtain rod, this can be a good budget solution.


Like material, finish is a matter of personal aesthetic. Aged, tarnished or patinated finishes fit right in with the historic look of rustic, country or classical decors. 

Brushed metal finishes are a popular trend with contemporary homes, as the subtle texture really shines among simple forms and limited palettes. 

Lastly, a painted or stained finish can tie the whole room together, be it a serious black or playful splash of color.


The standard window is 24 by 24 inches, and most rods are sold to meet these dimensions. Older and newer homes alike can be a little idiosyncratic, however, so you’ll need to be precise with your measurements. Not all wraparound curtain rods telescope like decorative or tension rods, so you may have to be precise. Make sure there’s enough room on either side of your window frame (aim for 3-5 inches). 

Weight capacity

If you’re going to pair your curtain rod with a blackout curtain or heavy drapes, you’ll need to pay particular attention to its weight capacity. Most rods hold 10-25 pounds, but thick fabrics can exceed that limit, especially when pulled side to side. Be sure to verify the weight of your curtains or drapes against the product specifications of the rod you choose. 

How much you can expect to spend on a wraparound curtain rod

Expect to spend $20-$50 for a quality metal or wood wraparound curtain rod.

Wraparound curtain rod FAQ

Do wraparound curtain rods have finials?

A. Finials are the little ornamental end caps that adorn traditional, bracketed curtain rods. By nature of their design, wraparounds don’t have finials. That doesn’t mean, however, that your wraparound can’t have stylistic flair. In addition to a flashy material or finish, some wraparounds have unobtrusive design elements such as fluting that enhance their look.

How can I block out the light from the top of the curtain?

A. Some ways to block out all the light are by installing your curtain rod much higher than the window frame. For this, you need extra-long curtains or drapes, especially if you’re installing at the ceiling. You can also install a decorative valance, though this might clash with the more austere look of a wraparound.

What’s the best wraparound curtain rod to buy?

Top wraparound curtain rod

Urbanest Wraparound Single Curtain Rod

Urbanest Wraparound Single Curtain Rod in Antique Brass

What you need to know: This beautiful brass curtain rod is a great, subtle accent for contemporary decors.

What you’ll love: The Urbanest wraparound is cast in antique brass but doesn’t have the dated look typically associated with this finish. It’s available in two sizes and other finishes if brass isn’t your thing. It’s quite sturdy — it’s capable of holding up to 5 pounds.

What you should consider: This rod is too big for smaller windows.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top wraparound curtain rod  for the money

Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod Set

Umbra Twilight Single Curtain Rod Set

What you need to know: This nickel wraparound features a flat bracket design for an affordable, clean and modern aesthetic.

What you’ll love: Available in three standardized sizes, the telescoping Umbra rod is the perfect solution for most windows. It comes in a few other finishes, including black, bronze and brass. You get mounting hardware with the rod. 

What you should consider: Some users felt the fastening clip was a bit loose in its housing, causing the bar to wiggle.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Kenney Adler Rust Resistant Wrap Around Curtain Rod in Black

Kenney Adler Rust-Resistant Wraparound Curtain Rod in Black

What you need to know: Kenney’s robust, rust-resistant coating gives a utilitarian aesthetic to this rod, making it perfect for rustic and urban decors.

What you’ll love: You have the option of two sizes and a brushed nickel finish. You get a center support for this telescoping rod so you don’t have to worry about a flimsy middle support when stretched to its maximum length. 

What you should consider: Some users felt this rod wasn’t as sturdy as it should be.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

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