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Which countertop wine racks are best?

Wine racks are designed with convenience, practicality and style in mind. Countertop wine racks, in particular, provide easy access to your desired bottle while taking up relatively little space. 

Most countertop wine racks hold between four and 12 bottles. Material, color and design vary across wine racks, so it’s important to find not only one that meets your capacity needs but also complements your interior design as well.

Best tabletop wine racks

Best Gusto Nostro Countertop Wine Rack

Gusto Nostro Countertop Wine Rack

Offered in black or rose gold, this wine rack is among the larger available, holding up to 14 bottles across three tiers. The rack can be positioned horizontally or vertically to help use space efficiently. The thin metal wire is suited to a modern or minimalist space. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Lokeko Small Wooden Wine Rack

Lokeko Small Wooden Wine Rack

This inventive and rustic wine rack welcomes six bottles within and atop its oval frame. It has a small footprint and subtle design with rounded indentations to hold bottles. The polished, two-toned wood look blends modern and farmhouse styling. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Oceanstar 12-Bottle Wine Rack

Oceanstar 12-Bottle Wine Rack

This tall, attractive wine rack is made of sustainable bamboo and is suited for those with available vertical space. The durable construction and antimicrobial properties mean it is made to last. You also have a choice of the standard bamboo aesthetic or a matte black finish. 

Sold by Kohl’s, Macy’s and Amazon

Best Oenophilia Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack

Oenophilia Bottle Bouquet Wine Rack

This cleverly-crafted wire wine holder mimics a flower bouquet with bottles tilted upward as if they are petals in bloom. Still, it’s practical, holding up to six bottles atop a durable base. Black and gunmetal finishes are available, and bottles can be positioned with the neck up or down depending on the presence of a cork. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Spectrum Scroll 12-Bottle Wine Rack

Spectrum Scroll 12-Bottle Wine Rack

With a 12-bottle capacity, this black steel wine rack offers practicality and an industrial aesthetic to any space. The design incorporates a handle at the top so you can move the unit easily. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best St. Croix Kindwer Polished Aluminum Wine Rack

St. Croix Kindwer Polished Aluminum Wine Rack

This high-end, handcrafted wine rack is made of polished aluminum, making it a stunning and bright addition to a modern home. It holds up to six bottles. The symmetrical, unique design that includes two center slots means it will also look balanced with any number of bottles in it. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Amazon Basics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack

Amazon Basics Tabletop Stackable Wine Rack

For those on a budget, this economical wine rack offers simplicity and efficiency. The metal rack is stable on any counter, but you can purchase additional racks to stack on top for those in need of more space beyond the four slots. 

Sold by Amazon

Best American Art Decor Whitewashed Wood Wine Rack

American Art Decor Whitewashed Wood Wine Rack

This clever wine rack sacrifices some capacity for aesthetics. It holds only four bottles but provides a farmhouse style to your space with its distressed wood and metal construction. The crate also comes with handles for easy movement. Since wine is stored upright, avoid corked bottles so as not to dry out the stopper. 

Sold by Kohl’s

Best Nambe Vie Wine Rack

Nambe Vie Wine Rack

This artistic wine rack is made of acacia and boasts curved slots to hold four bottles, creating a contemporary look. With a sturdy base and eye-catching design, this wine rack may sit aside on a counter or serve as a centerpiece for a dinner party. 

Sold by Macy’s

Best Foster & Rye Distressed Tabletop Wine Rack

Foster and Rye Distressed Tabletop Wine Rack

This metal wheels and gears-inspired wine rack sports an industrial-era feel with its worn, utilitarian look. The main cog holds six bottles, while smaller cogs act as weighted feet to keep the rack stable. The cast iron is heavy, but the durable construction will last a long time. 

Sold by Wayfair

Best Spectrum Horseshoe 3-Bottle Wine Rack

Spectrum Horseshoe 3-Bottle Wine Rack

This smaller wine rack is simple and effective with the wine slots stacked upon one another in a horseshoe-shaped design. The small footprint is ideal for those looking to save space, and the design allows for easy placement and retrieval of bottles. 

Sold by Kohl’s and Wayfair

Best Godinger Wine Bottle Rack

Godinger Wine Bottle Rack

For those seeking a basic yet elegant wine rack, this durable metal offering features angular sides and thin wires for a modern, minimalist look. It comes from a leading brand in wine and related accessories and provides space for six bottles. 

Sold by Macy’s

Best Lily's Home Wave Wine Rack

Lily’s Home Wave Wine Rack

This versatile wine rack is well-suited to any modern home. With room for up to 14 bottles, it’s among the largest countertop racks available, but its wavy oak tiers maximize space. You can also place it horizontally or vertically as needed. 

Sold by Amazon


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