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Electric can openers are a convenient appliance for anyone needing to cook quickly and safely. While their manual counterparts have a longer history, they are harder to use for people with gripping issues and often leave jagged edges that can be dangerous to handle.

Electric can openers allow you the freedom and assurance of a quick clean cut without having to use any physical exertion. They come in many sizes, styles and colors that likely will fit your kitchen decor and needs.

In this article: Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener, Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener and Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

What are the main types of electric can openers?

Most electric can openers require being plugged into a nearby outlet. You should review your counter space and outlets to determine the best placement. These electric motors are surprisingly powerful and can cut even large, tall cans with a smooth edge left over. 

Battery-powered can openers, although not plugged into an outlet, also use small motors that provide a clean cut. These units are usually placed directly on top of the can and run with a push-button start.

The size of your can opener matters

In addition to finding an electric can opener that fits your kitchen counter, you should also consider the height and base width of the can opener.

If you will be opening tall cans, look for an opener that is over 8 inches tall. This provides enough room for the can to be opened without extra pressure placed on the cutting blades. 

Can openers with wider bases provide greater confidence. Many in this style also have hidden compartments in the back for storing an extra electrical cord. 

What are the best safety tips?

Electric can openers with carbon or stainless steel blades will be the strongest and sharpest and make the best cuts. Openers with magnetic holders that keep the lid suspended provide a hands-free approach. You still should use caution when handling the lid just to be safe, especially if you have young children in the home.

Also, look for can openers with removable blades that can be washed. This ensures that the blades are free from a build-up of germs over time. 

There are bonus features

There are some electric can openers that offer added features. Many offer a bottle opener on the side for your favorite beverages. Many also have built-in knife sharpeners that can be used for cutting knives and extend their longevity.

There are even some openers that have a side slicer used to open large plastic bags of different food items. These added features may increase the overall cost but usually not to the extent of making the unit unaffordable.

Best electric can openers

Best Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener

Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener

This electric can opener has a guide post for easy alignment and a built-in knife sharpener. It has an automatic shut-off feature. The cutting lever twists off for easy cleaning. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener

Amazon Basics Electric Can Opener

Designed for standard-size cans, this compact electric can opener features a stainless steel blade that opens cans without jagged edges and a magnetic arm to catch lids. It has a wide base and an automatic stop feature.

Sold by Amazon

Best Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

Zyliss EasiCan Electric Can Opener

Designed for seniors, this can opener works with a simple push of a button. It works on all sizes of cans and cuts from the sides to ensure a smooth edge. There is an LED light that illuminates when operating.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Best Professional Series Electric Can Opener

Professional Series Electric Can Opener

This stylish electric can opener is made with brushed stainless steel and has an easy one-touch operation. The cutting lever is removable and washable. The opener includes a bottle opener and knife sharpener. 

Sold by Home Depot

Best Holstein Housewares Electric Can Opener

Holstein Housewares Electric Can Opener

This can opener has a modern design and can open cans in seconds with just one touch. It has a safe design to eliminate rough edges. There is a bottle opener and blade sharpener included in the unit.

Sold by Wayfair

Best Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart Deluxe Electric Can Opener

From a leading kitchen appliance brand, this electric can opener features the Power Cut blade and removable lever for cleaning. It has a single-touch operation, and the black stainless steel looks sleek in any kitchen. It includes a three-year warranty.

Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

Best Starfrit Electric Can Opener

Starfrit Electric Can Opener

This electric can opener features a powerful 50-watt motor and opens all standard can sizes. It has a magnet holder for lids, a bottle opener and a knife sharpener. An automatic shutoff is an added safety feature. 

Sold by Home Depot

Best Hamilton Beach OpenStation Electric Automatic Can Opener

Hamilton Beach OpenStation Electric Automatic Can Opener

This unique design features a can opener and a multi-tool that opens plastic bags, soda can tops and jars and bottles. Featuring SureCut technology, it can open all can sizes. The cutting lever is removable and washable. 

Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best Better Chef Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Better Chef Deluxe Electric Can Opener

This extra tall can opener stands 9.2 inches tall with cord storage in the rear and an easy-clean base. It features a built-in knife sharpener and bottle opener. It has an automatic shutoff and a washable cutting lever.

Sold by Home Depot

Best Oster Electric Can Opener

Oster Electric Can Opener

With a Power Pierce cutting blade, this tall can opener provides exact cutting quickly and safely. The magnetic holder is extra strong to hold any size can. It comes with a knife sharpener and out-of-sight cord storage. 

Sold by Amazon


The Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener is hands-free and perfect for people with gripping challenges. The button-touch design comes in bold colors for a variety of kitchen decors. 

For campers and or anyone needing to take a can opener with them, the Hamilton Beach Walk ‘n Cut Can Opener can open any size can once charged. 

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