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Adidas or New Balance men’s running shoes: which are better?

Regardless of whether you’re a runner, you’ve likely heard of both New Balance and Adidas. While Adidas has been a dominant player in professional sports, and has relied on its position there to develop performance-oriented lifestyle shoes, New Balance has seen a renaissance in style popularity while maintaining a strong following of comfort seekers.

What are Adidas running shoes?

Founded in 1949 by Adi Dassler in Germany, Adidas began by making state-of-the-art cleats for soccer and track. Athletes loved its cleats because they were so lightweight that they translated into easier strides, which meant players and runners could go faster for longer. 

Adidas has since grown into a multibillion-dollar brand with global recognition in a variety of sports. And it has continued to innovate in lightweight performance and lasting comfort. Its foam soles are a favorite among runners who need a supportive cushion that doesn’t get too firm. That comfort leads non-runners to wear Adidas running shoes, despite their performance-oriented design.

Adidas running shoes pros

  • Adidas shoes, running and otherwise, are known for being comfortable. 
  • Adidas running shoes tend to be lightweight yet durable. 
  • Patented Adidas foam sole provides excellent energy rebound. 

Adidas running shoes cons

  • Some wearers report that Adidas aren’t as supportive as New Balance shoes. 
  • Ultra-lightweight mesh that Adidas frequently uses doesn’t offer great waterproofing or protection. 

What are the best Adidas running shoes?

Best Adidas Men's Supernova Running Shoes

Adidas Men’s Supernova Running Shoes 

These are affordable and stylish, with superior comfort. The heel is generously cushioned for extra impact absorption, an asset to any frequent or long-distance runners.  

Sold by Amazon 

Best Adidas Originals Men's Ultraboost

Adidas Originals Men’s Ultraboost 

This is a fan favorite because of how effectively the cushioned foot bed returns energy to the runner. While the sole is a bit high off the ground, which can increase the chances of rolling your ankle, the Ultraboost is supremely grippy. 

Sold by Amazon

Best Adidas Men's Galaxy Trail M Runner

Adidas Men’s Galaxy Trail M Runner 

This is an affordable but reliable trail runner with ample grip. The bottom is as grippy as can be, but the sole isn’t too chunky, which is ideal for trail running. The lower the shoe is to the ground, the less likely you are to roll your ankle while trail running. 

Sold by Amazon

What are New Balance running shoes?

Founded in Boston in 1906, New Balance has been serving a dedicated base of function-forward athletes for more than a century. Although New Balance hasn’t always been known for its stellar looks, it developed a reputation for making shoes with great arch support and all-day athletic comfortability. 

New Balance shoes tend to be on the firm side, although this shouldn’t be mistaken for being rigid. Like Adidas, New Balance has foam foot beds and other high-tech comfort design features.

However, expect areas such as the middle of the sole and the length of the upper to be buttressed for support. New Balance has always put performance and comfort first, and style second. 

New Balance running shoes pros

  • Known for being supportive, especially in the arch region. 
  • New Balance’s Function-forward designs use durable, high-quality materials such as leather and ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. 
  • New Balance running shoes are reasonably priced, especially when you consider their technology and reputation. 

New Balance running shoes cons

  • Can be heavy, especially in comparison to the average Adidas running shoe. 
  • Finding the right width can be confusing because there is so much variation within New Balance’s width classifications. 

What are the best New Balance running shoes?

Best New Balance Men's Fresh Foam 1080 V7 Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam 1080 V7 Running Shoes 

These rubber-soled road runners offer excellent rebound and superb midsole cushioning. You can count on them to deliver long-lasting comfort during long-distance runs.  

Sold by Amazon

Best New Balance Men's 481 V3 Trail Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s 481 V3 Trail Running Shoes

In terms of price for performance, these are hard to beat. They’re among the most popular trail runners on Amazon, and deservedly so: the sole is comfortable and supportive, the upper is water-resistant and breathable, and the shoe is well made. 

Sold by Amazon

Best New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoes

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 Running Shoes 

This is New Balance’s no-frills response to the likes of the Ultraboost from Adidas. With a streamlined, well-cushioned sole, lightweight mesh upper and a narrow profile, it’s designed to be lightweight and comfortable. It can be worn for road running or light trail running, and is stylish enough to be worn casually. 

Sold by Amazon

Should you get Adidas or New Balance running shoes?

Whether you go with Adidas or New Balance comes down to preference. Both companies produce high-quality running shoes at reasonable prices. 

If you’re interested in something as fashionable as it is functional, you’re likely better off with Adidas (although New Balance offers fashion-forward shoes as well). If you’re looking for a running shoe that simplifies the design by prioritizing support and functionality, consider New Balance. 

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