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Which cheap remote control car is best?

Racing RC cars is a great activity for any thrill-seeking child. Luckily, today’s RC cars are just as enjoyable for adults. Whatever the age, these quick-turning, high-octane remote control cars are a fun and safe way to pass the time. 

Before buying an RC car, you should consider a number of things, including where you’ll be operating the car, how much you’re willing to spend and what type of car you want. The best all-around cheap RC car is the MaxTronic Remote Control Car which has a shock-proof body and easy-to-use controls.

What to know before you buy a cheap RC car


RC cars are designed based on terrain. Cars built for asphalt and concrete driving have road tires similar to what’s on your car at home. All-terrain cars feature nubbed tires and added suspension coils, making them suitable for driving on dirt, grass, rocks and even snow. These durable cars are sometimes waterproof, and thus, extra versatile. There are also hybrid RC cars that are carefully designed to work on both dirt and asphalt terrain. Certain cheap RC cars feature all the same designs but use less expensive materials making them a more affordable option.


RC cars come in a wide variety of prices based on how serious you take your driving. Hobbyists can spend hundreds of dollars on an RC car built for competitive races. However, most cheap RC cars are moderately priced. Just like anything else, a higher price means high quality. Spending $140 on an RC car means speeds up to 30mph, durable materials and longer battery life. If you’re simply looking for a decent cheap RC car for a child, then you can expect to spend around $40. 

Car type

The designs for cheap RC cars are virtually unlimited. While some resemble actual cars, some designs look out of this world. This all comes down to personal preference and the style you or your child prefer. There are exotic sports cars, like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, off-road sand buggies, backcountry four wheelers and stunt cars built to flip over without skipping a beat. You can even find an exact replica of the car you drive in real life. Take a look at the BestReviews list of the best RC cars featuring a wide array of styles and prices.

What to look for in a quality cheap RC car

Battery life

Most cheap RC cars run on standard store-bought alkaline batteries such as AAA or AA. This goes for both the car itself and the remote control, both of which require power. Some cars feature rechargeable batteries, which make them more convenient than having to purchase new batteries every time the car stops running. On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are susceptible to damage if they come into contact with water, dirt or even too much sunlight. So, if you’re going to be driving your RC car indoors, rechargeable batteries are the way to go, while replaceable batteries are best for outdoor use.


The words “durability” and “toys” don’t usually find themselves in the same sentence. Durability can be an issue, as RC cars are toys. Since most cheap RC cars are made of plastic, they can sometimes be easy to chip or crack. If you or your child is an excitable driver, you might see some crashes in your future. To avoid premature wear and tear, look for a car with a self-contained body, meaning try to avoid unnecessary add-ons, such as spoilers and extended lights.

Special features

Certain cheap RC cars come with special features that add to the overall quality of the toy. For example, some cars come with companions, like toy figurines that act as the driver. Others feature dual sets of cars, so two people can race around and create exciting car chases. What’s even more inventive is the cleverly designed hybrid stunt cars that still continue to drive when flipped over.

How much you can expect to spend on a cheap RC car

Cheap RC cars can cost anywhere between $25-$40.

Cheap RC car FAQ

How long will a cheap RC car last?

A. RC cars with durable parts like self-contained plastic bodies and quality chassis can last up to one year. Less expensive RC cars can last up to 10 months if you avoid rain and dirt and they are driven cautiously.

What types of remote controls are there?

A. There are two main types of controls: joysticks and dual controls. Joysticks resemble video game controllers, while dual controls operate using a single joystick and a separate trigger. 

What’s the best cheap RC car to buy?

Top cheap RC car

MaxTronic Remote Control Car

MaxTronic Remote Control Car

What you need to know: For those looking to pull off some extreme tricks, this is the RC car for you. 

What you’ll love: This is the ultimate stunt car because it’s designed to be flipped and rotated all while driving. The quality materials and complete body cover keep it durable and prevent damage even while going down stairs.

What you should consider: This RC car takes 6 AAA batteries, which will add to the overall cost.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top cheap RC for the money

Jada Fast & Furious Chase Pack

Jada Fast & Furious Chase Pack

What you need to know: Based on the popular Fast & Furious movie franchise, this cheap RC car set comes with a replica police cruiser and Dodge Charger.

What you’ll love: This set is rechargeable using a USB connector and features a fun speed boost button, making car chases even more exciting. 

What you should consider: While the car batteries are rechargeable, the remote requires its own AA batteries. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

RASTAR Lamborghini Huracán

RASTAR Lamborghini Huracán

What you need to know: It doesn’t get much more stylish than this in the RC car world. The RASTAR is a replica of the 2015 Lamborghini Huracán. 

What you’ll love: This exotic RC car is more durable than it appears and features an extended 82-foot wireless range. Plus, the life-like suspension system makes it feel like you’re actually behind the wheel.

What you should consider: Despite its exotic sports car appearance, this car isn’t as fast as other RC cars. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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