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Which Infinity Gauntlet toys are best?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe comprises over two dozen films with iconic characters and unforgettable moments. Fans young and old can embrace the story through a myriad of toys. While there are action figures and collectibles modeled after all the heroes and villains, one item represents the culmination of years of storytelling: the Infinity Gauntlet.

The powerful weapon is a focal point of two of the most successful movies ever made, making it a terrific toy for interactive play as well as showing off. The top pick, this LEGO Infinity Gauntlet, is a detailed build that produces a stunning creation. There are Infinity gauntlet toys for all ages and interests — but with great power comes great responsibility. 

What to know before you buy an Infinity Gauntlet toy

What is the Infinity Gauntlet?

The Infinity gauntlet is a device that can safely hold and wield any or all of the six infinity stones; the story is part of Marvel Comics and was later adapted for the screen. These stones are powerful entities that control an aspect of life and made frequent appearances throughout the films before becoming a focal point in “Avengers: Infinity War.” It is wielded by the Mad Titan Thanos, though a later version is made by Iron Man, known as the Power gauntlet or Nano gauntlet.

Thanos and company are part of Marvel’s series of stories, which comprise the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and many other superheroes and villains. 


With a large fan base comprising a wide range of ages, toys inspired by Marvel films are quite varied. For younger fans, there are role-playing toys. Kids can don their own Infinity gauntlet and act out their favorite scenes and moments. These gauntlets are typically one-size-fits-all and made from either plastic or rubber-like synthetics. For kids interested in a Thanos or Iron Man costume, the gauntlet is an important component, but a completed look will require a mask as well.

Action figures

Some fans may be more interested in action figures featuring Thanos wearing his gauntlet. These may be simpler toys appealing to youngsters with various points of articulation or more detailed figurines designed for display. While Thanos is the primary wearer of the gauntlet, both Hulk and Iron Man put on the Nano Gauntlet, so some toys may depict them wielding the Infinity Stones as well. 

What to look for in a quality Infinity Gauntlet toy


While some wearable Infinity gauntlets may be just one complete piece, some higher-end options may add an element of interactivity. For example, there are certain products where the stones are affixed using magnets, allowing kids to remove them and put them back in a dramatic fashion, just like Thanos.

Some Infinity gauntlets may be battery-powered, offering stimulating sights and sounds for users. Because the gauntlet is populated with six colorful stones, some options may light each gem individually.


Older fans may be interested in collectible items that are solely intended to be put on display. These will be more detailed and typically made of higher-quality materials. The collectibles may be simply the gauntlet or a character wearing it. 

Specifically, Hasbro and Funko make quality collectible action figures. Hasbro’s array will be a detailed, authentic representation standing anywhere from 6 to 12 inches tall. Meanwhile, Funko boasts a line of uniform vinyl figurines with exaggerated heads and stand under 4 inches tall. Their extensive lineup of Marvel figurines includes Thanos, Iron Man and Hulk, all wearing the gauntlet.

Reputable seller

An Infinity gauntlet toy in particular and Marvel toys, in general, are highly popular, which unfortunately invites fabrication. Always buy Marvel toys from trusted, reputable sellers.  

How much you can expect to spend on an Infinity Gauntlet toy

Simpler Infinity gauntlet toys for younger kids, as well as some action figures, may cost from $10-$20, but more advanced toys, including LEGO sets and options that light up, may cost from $50-$100.

Infinity Gauntlet toy FAQ

Is an Infinity Gauntlet an appropriate toy for a child?

A. Marvel films and comics appeal to a wide age range, including many adolescents. While the films and stories can sometimes be violent, they’re often bloodless and tempered. The movie in which the gauntlet takes center stage is particularly dark and sad, however, the sequel is more inspiring. Parents are the best judge as to whether their children should watch the movies, all of which are rated PG-13.

What other Marvel toys go with the Infinity gauntlet?

A. The Infinity gauntlet is just one weapon from a specific villain; kids may be eager to collect other role-playing accessories and toys to recreate their favorite moments and use their imagination. Thor’s hammer Mjolnir as well as Captain America’s vibranium shield are among two of the most popular accessories. Giant Hulk gloves are also sought after by kids who want to embrace Bruce Banner’s green alter ego.

What’s the best Infinity Gauntlet toy to buy?

Top Infinity Gauntlet toy

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

LEGO Infinity Gauntlet

What you need to know: This beautiful LEGO set appeals to both kids and adults alike and culminates in a stunning display piece.

What you’ll love: This cleverly designed LEGO set comprises almost 600 pieces, welcoming youngsters and adult fans to build alone or together. Includes a stable base and a plaque, and the fingers even move. Stands at 12.5 inches tall.

What you should consider: Quite expensive. Build may not be challenging enough for adults.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Infinity Gauntlet toy for the money

Electronic Infinity Gauntlet

Electronic Infinity Gauntlet

What you need to know: A simpler toy, this Nano gauntlet will delight youngsters with its sight and sounds.

What you’ll love: This Iron Man gauntlet appeals to aspiring young heroes; it lights up and makes noise. Infinity stones are bright and eye-catching. Fits most kids’ hands comfortably. Affordably-priced.

What you should consider: Fingers don’t move. Requires batteries.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Legends Endgame Gauntlet

Marvel Legends Endgame Gauntlet

What you need to know: A high-end Nano gauntlet, this interactive option is fun to play with as well as put on display.

What you’ll love: This gauntlet fits snugly on most hands and moves and flexes in order to recreate popular moments from the film. Stones light up and glow, and the gauntlet plays sounds. It can also lock into a fist to be put on display.

What you should consider: Considerably expensive. Some fans may prefer Thanos’ gauntlet.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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