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Which Sonic costume is best?

The Sonic the Hedgehog video game series is almost as well known and beloved as the Mario series. It features many recognizable characters that make for excellent Halloween costumes, such as Tails, Knuckles the Echidna and Sonic’s nemesis Dr. ”Eggman” Robotnik. Any of these characters can be worn alone, but they also make for excellent group costumes. 

The best Sonic costume is Rubie’s Sonic Generations Sonic the Hedgehog Costume. It’s accurate to the games and films and is perfect for kids, thanks to its warmth and comfort.

What to know before you buy a Sonic costume

Who it’s for

Sonic the Hedgehog costumes are available for all body types and ages. However, most Sonic costumes are made for children. It shouldn’t be difficult to track down an adult Sonic costume, but you’re likely to have a more limited selection.


There are many characters one can dress up as from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, but among the most recognizable are:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: The title character of the series was conceived in 1990 when Sega, a Japanese video game company, wanted a mascot that could rival or eclipse the dominating pop culture mascots of the time — Mario and Mickey Mouse. When Sonic the Hedgehog was released in the summer of 1991, Sega got its wish.
  • Miles ”Tails” Prower: Sonic’s best friend, Miles is a fox cub born with an extra tail that inspired his nickname. His actual name, rarely used compared to his nickname, is a play on the phrase ”miles per hour.” He debuted in Sonic the Hedgehog’s sequel, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, in November 1992.
  • Knuckles the Echidna: Knuckles has long been a popular character due to his high strength and loner attitude. He was originally an antagonistic force to Sonic and Tails in his debut in early 1994’s Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but became an ally and has mostly remained an ally since Sonic & Knuckles, released at the end of ’94.
  • Dr. ”Eggman” Robotnik: The scientific genius and main series antagonist, Dr. Eggman’s biggest talking point is the confusion around his name. In the Japanese version of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Eggman is his official name. But in the U.S. release, it was changed to Dr. Robotnik without approval from Sega. Eventually, Robotnik became his official name, with ”Eggman” made a nickname. Costume-wise, you can find one that’s game-accurate or film-accurate.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog: Arguably the series’ second most popular character, Shadow is a creation of Dr. Eggman intended to defeat Sonic once and for all, debuting in 2001’s Sonic Adventure 2. Eventually, he went on to become an antihero and occasional ally of Sonic.

What to look for in a quality Sonic costume


Many Halloween costumes don’t use standard clothing size measurements, but costume makers’ own sizing charts. But they still use the same terminology, such as ”small” and ”large,” which confuses many and leads to costumes not fitting as they should. Always double-check if a costume has a sizing chart before you order your usual size.

What’s included

Most Sonic the Hedgehog costumes — at least the ones representing the anthropomorphic protagonist and his friends — are one big jumpsuit with either an attached or separate headpiece that gets strapped on using hook-and-loop straps. Better costumes include extras, the most common being the white gloves most characters wear and booties that cover your shoes and make them look like character-appropriate footwear.

How much you can expect to spend on a Sonic costume

Most Sonic costumes for kids cost $20-$50, though single accessories such as a headpiece or slippers can cost under $20. Larger costumes for adults can cost as much as $100.

Sonic costume FAQ

What can I accessorize my Sonic the Hedgehog costume with?

A. For costumes of the title character, the best accessories are red shoes — especially game-accurate shoes — and white gloves if neither are already included in the costume. 

Also for Sonic, and all the other characters, are any accessories that use golden circles to represent the rings integral to the games. These can be giant gold hoop earrings or golden bangles, for example, or a gold chain necklace.

What movies has Sonic been in?

A. Sonic has appeared in the 2020 film ”Sonic the Hedgehog” and the 2022 movie ”Sonic the Hedgehog 2.” Ben Schwartz played Sonic in both, and Jim Carrey was Dr. Eggman.

What’s the best Sonic costume to buy?

Top Sonic costume

Best Rubies Sonic Generations Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

Rubie’s Sonic Generations Sonic the Hedgehog Costume

What you need to know: This Sonic costume is officially licensed and as comfortable as can be.

What you’ll love: The costume is one large jumpsuit that, when fitted properly, extends to just above the ankles while the sleeves end around the wrists. This ensures your child stays warm. It comes in three sizes to fit kids weighing 36-90 pounds.

What you should consider: The headpiece is attached to the jumpsuit, so if your child doesn’t want it on, it dangles oddly behind them.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Sonic costume for the money

Best Nuoman Sonic The Hedgehog Capes and Masks Set

Nuoman Sonic the Hedgehog Capes and Masks Set

What you need to know: This costume set includes the capes and masks needed to get five people ready for Halloween.

What you’ll love: The five characters represented are Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles “Tails” Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose and Shadow the Hedgehog. The capes are secured with hook-and-loop straps and are 27.5 by 27.5 inches; they fit most people aged 12 and older.

What you should consider: The masks are made of felt, which keeps them comfy but makes them a magnet for dust and other debris.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Lopbraa Shadow The Hedgehog Costume

Lopbraa Shadow the Hedgehog Costume

What you need to know: This costume represents Sonic’s dark counterpart, making it perfect for those that live in the dark side.

What you’ll love: Included is a jumpsuit with a tail, a pair of white gloves and a Shadow the Hedgehog headpiece that’s separate from the jumpsuit. It comes in three sizes to fit kids between 39.4 and 55.2 inches tall.

What you should consider: There’s a liner inside the headpiece that some purchasers had to remove to make it fit right.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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